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Why do you ex-Christians need encouragement?

By Charissa ~

You arrogant Christian.

EncouragementImage by h.koppdelaney via Flickr
Are we not human the same as you? Do we not feel if you hurt us, do we not bleed and bruise when you strike us? Just because you are off fighting a spiritual war with the enemy and his minions, are we "heathens" only concerned about the flesh and gratifying the pleasures within?

Are we some lowly thing that needs your preaching and your knowledge?

You pretend you have it all figured out. You have answers to all the questions, and your stance depends on the denomination that suits your preference of how god should be the best.

But I know deep down you are the same, questioning, doubting, searching for an answer. Why do we know this, because we may have been you, a week, a month maybe years ago.

You find comfort and security in your blanket of religious beliefs, regardless of how ridiculous they may seem. I believe because I believe! Why because you have a personal relationship with your god. We do too, yes even now, because we have come to the place where maybe with some shame we can admit that our religious convictions weren't from an all knowing powerful god, but from within. From the inner parts that cry out for love, acceptance, from our own imaginations. What a wonderful place to be, indeed.

But that is your world, and mine is different. I cannot stand by falsehood and the agenda you present me with. You argue your religion with much debating and merits, and yet you too are scared to touch on the pool of evidence and facts. The mighty spirit that lives within you does not make you a new creation; it does not make the foolish of this world look wise.

It makes me sick to the stomach when you ask why we would need encouragement! Why do you come here to spew your beliefs and opinions? Do you really not understand that realizing god is a fairy tale hurts; many of us were just a zealous about our faith as what you are. To come to the end and realize that it was all just in our heads, much as what it is in yours!

It makes me sick to the stomach when you ask why we would need encouragement!

I may speak for many when I say that my Christianity controlled every aspect of my life! It is so deeply ingrained in everything I did. My work. My family. My friends. My reading choices. My movie choices. The way I dressed. The way I presented myself. I came here to connect with others, who have more compassion and caring, who KNOW what it is that I am going through, more than your religion with an agenda! Think you are getting that extra shiny crown when you are up in heaven because you think you can argue with people who have gone through the questions and used their own brain to figure out it’s a fantasy! Your circular reasoning makes no sense and your answers mean nothing.

Seriously don’t you get it? We have been there! We have argued it over and over again if not with others with ourselves. Wake up!

Stop being an asshole, and just realize if we wanted you here, wanted your opinion, we would have gone to the Christians around us. As I am no longer welcome in the church as a sinful, rebellious, heathen, your comments and clever revelations are not welcome on my posts!