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My Path To Atheism : Annie Besant

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For those who wish a convenient online way to hear excellent detailed arguments against Christianity, its doctrines and its "Bible God" here is a link to  Annie Besant's magnificent book My Path To Atheism   

Annie BESANT (1847 - 1933)

Annie Besant in 1885. Photograph by H.S. Mende...
Annie Besant in 1885.
 Annie Besant was a British social reformer, and radical free thinker of the late 19th century. She married a clergyman but her increasingly anti-religious views led to a legal separation in 1873. Besant became a member of the National Secular Society which preached 'free thought' and also of the Fabian Society, the noted socialist organisation. In the 1870's Besant and Charles Bradlaugh edited the weekly National Reformer, which advocated advanced ideas for the time on topics such as trade unions, national education, women's right to vote and birth control. In 1877 Besant published 'My Path to Atheism' which surgically dissects the basic tenets of christianity which was unusual for a women living in those times. Its arguments and rationale are still relevant today. - Summary by BBC History website.