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The Morality of Bible-God

By True ~

As I've been reviewing the bible, to make sure that my mind is sharp in regards to it, I've come to realize that Moses killing the Egyptian who was beating the Hebrew slave was not at all an accident, and that he had even buried the man in the sand to hide what he had done. He soon realized that his deed had been known to the Hebrews when attempting to calm down a fight between two Hebrew men. The Pharaoh of Egypt did not pardon Moses (As described in the gitty happy go lucky video 'The prince of Egypt') but sent men to kill Moses, as to which Moses fled in fear.

This can be found in Exodus chapter 2.

I've also noticed that almost every man and woman chosen by God in the bible has lied in one way or another for reasons as far as sparing their own life, or just because they could.

When Israel's sons traveled to Egypt in order to pay for grain and food, Joseph (The son of Israel who was sold as a servant, and whom had gained a powerful position within his time of dream interpretation) put their money back into their sacks at least two times to make them feel guilt and as though they had stolen, and on the third time Joseph even put his own cup in the youngest brother's sack and sent his servant out to stop the men, and accuse them of theft. All in an attempt to keep the younger brother with him, and to enact revenge on his siblings.

Abraham's wife scoffed and laughed at the notion that God would grant her a child in her old age, past the years of child bearing, and when God confronted her directly, even then did she lie directly to God saying "I did not laugh".

At one point, one of God's servants went city to city lying about his wife, saying that she was his sister, all for the sake of his life being spared. He made assumptions that he would be killed, and they would let her live if it was revealed that she was his wife, because she was beautiful and they would want her. Both times God threatened and warned the men who had mistaken her as this man's sister, and both times they confronted him in disbelief and anger because of his lie.

I'm not finding too much favor in these stories thus far, especially after Lot's daughters got their father drunk and preformed incest. (To which they knew they were not the only people left on the planet.) Especially after Lot had to talk God down as to sparing the city of Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of 50 or so righteous people to 10. Even more so, that when the angels appeared to Lot at his house, and the men outside wanted to rape them, he offered his virgin daughters saying 'Do whatever you'd like to them, but these men are guests in my house'.

The old testament paints a very disturbing example of morality. Or what it claims it should be.

Every promise God made was to give children, and to rule empires, to grant 'power' to these people, to entice them to do his will with a reward in mind, nothing represented compassion or love, if anything the followers knelt down in fear and the greed of spreading their seed alone.

By the way, while reading Sodom and Gomorrah, nothing was said about gay people. Sure, the men wanted to have sex with the angels who had come, but focus was not put on 'being gay' it was on the act of 'rape'.

Angels are depicted by many who claim to have seen them as very fair and beautiful. Even more so elegant than women, yet they do not posses neither male or female parts. (So was it gay to want to have sex with an Angel?).

As I recall a daughter of God's chosen was raped by an Egyptian man, and he claimed he was madly in love with her, when the brothers found out, they went to make a pack with the Egyptian city, saying if they and all their men were to be circumcised, they would join together and share their flock, and he could have their daughter. To which after three to five days later while the Egyptian men were still in pain, the brothers attacked the city and killed and plundered, all in regards to having their sister treated like a whore.

So far there is not talk of a hell, nor a heaven. Just obedience.

The version is KJV, and no I am not posting this to provoke conflict with those who hold the bible dear, I am giving my honest opinion on the stories represented. I find them distasteful, and immoral. That every dispute held with man and God and man with man were solved by sacrifice with blood, sold property, the ability or inability to have children, or the threat of death.

I tolerate many God praising things on my feed, I don't mind it at all. I do my best not to directly attack people for it, because I know it gives them hope and a sense of love. Good people do not destroy a person's belief for the sake of harming them, but these days even the slightest criticism causes many of you to uproar and feel despair and disgusted.

I hope you can bear the opposite. I've grown up with these stories as have most of you, and re-reading them brings out deeply held beliefs that I once had, and I am starting to realize that every church I had gone too, and every preacher and Sunday school teacher who I encountered, cared little to mention the details of these stories. You cannot cherry pick these types of things with a child, for the sake of making them believe alone.

Some would say the old testament doesn't matter, because the new testament is what Christians base their life on. I've yet to read the new testament myself, but I would be tempted to ask why what God and his people did before Jesus Christ isn't as important as what he had done recently? Doesn't the bible claim that he is never changing? Yet before I could even get out of genesis, God claims to have regretted creating humanity, admitted that he was mistaken. As well God's worry that the tower of Babble would make man too powerful? Putting everything in human's reach? How can the old testament depict a being as all powerful and all knowing, yet admit to himself that he had made a mistake? And that he is intimidated by his own creation?

Do these types of reactions such as fear and regret not come from humans?

As well, where is Satan? There was a talking snake, but God never recognized the snake as Satan. Is that just to be assumed? What if I was just reading this for the first time? Would I not know? And why would the writers add Satan later... You'd think if he existed he'd be in the beginning.

Better yet, why does the old testament not talk about the love of God? Yet only his mercy and the low esteem of the beings who praised him?

I'm an honest person, I do not turn away from even the most delicate topics for the sake of peace. I'm not here to mangle the bible, or to lie about it's stories. You can easily look any of this up.

I'm looking at it for what it is, directly. I'm not sugar coating it with the hopes of making it seem holy.

Last of all, raise your hand if you think a man killing his own son for God is beautiful? Beyond the fact that he lied to his own son before hand claiming that God would provide the lamb (When he didn't know that at the time). I wonder how scared and shaken that child was, hog-tied with a knife to his throat. I wonder how terrified you would have been if you had been that child, or how sick you would have been if you were that father. If the angel had not stopped him, would it still be beautiful to you? Tell me how perfect God is, when he'd point at a child and say 'Kill that for me'. Even if God did not mean it and had other plans, and saved the boys life... to which he'd be a liar then.

I am said to be hell bound by many Christians, but if the Christian God is real, and he is as just as he is said to be, I will not be tormented for my honesty. I have absolutely no fear of hell, and no fear of anyone's criticism against me or my beliefs.

Why must you be so afraid?

Children of God, why are your nightmares more hideous and tormenting than those who shun your belief? To the point where evidence no longer matters to your heart? Are you that petrified of your God? To the point where you grab at everyone and anyone to save them from your deepest fears? Do you think Ex-Christians and non-believers do not understand your terror?

Who wouldn't be afraid of the idea that there very well could be a being cruel enough to create us imperfectly and punish us for his own design? Have I been afraid of such things in the past? Yes. Why am I not afraid now? Because the God of the bible is immoral, child-like, selfish and self-serving. To no God like that will my knee bow, and an eternity in hell would be a badge of honor as to saying 'no' to a tyrant. Just as many are held with a gun or knife to their head, and told to say or do something that would go against their heart and honesty, just as they would say no and sacrifice their life for freedom.

I would sacrifice my soul and suffer alongside those who dare question God's morality. His existence is not, and never has been a concern. His morality has always been in question.


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