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Busting Free

By Gkneaux Beauxdee ~

What an inspiring site. I just wish i could find the place that has to be around here somewhere, where a person can become a member and talk all the time. Hence, i submit this story and hope it gets me in the door. Maybe even some "intel" on how to do it - I'm a bit 'technologically challenged.' (As well aa a grammar rebel.)

So, here's my story - When i busted free from the clutches and chains of the Church, it was a freedom like no other - it not only freed my Soul and my mind, but my life as well. Course, then i was out of step with the world i'd been living in. And i have trouble keeping my mouth shut around the ones still licking-up their chains. And those who have lied and blinded them. So, all in all, it sure didn't make life easier one bit - not one bit at all.

But if i could give only one gift to another, it would be to set them free from religion of any sort. Unless finding out who you are and why you're here, is a religion. What more is there to it? Other than, don't be detrimental to Life, be something Life just can't live without. Is that a religion, or just plain common sense? While doing so, it's always good to find out Who, or What, is at the top of the evolutionary ladder we appear to be on, and find out what they're looking for, in "indispensible". And it sure isn't US at the top.

And of course, anyone making money off their teachings, isn't telling the truth, they're saying what people want to hear. Duh. People interested in making money have statistically been shown to not give a damn about anyone that buys what they're selling. They're in it for the money.

In the case of religion, it's an Eternal Life Insurance Plan. That one thing alone, has created the #1, #2, etc. largest financial institutions in the world and financed the wars; then rape the children, subjugate the women, get richer, enjoy the greatest luxuries and pleasures, destroy the planet or anything that gets in the way, kill anyone that displeases you, and so on and so forth, and then lie and say you're the God of Heaven. Simple and effective. Kill anyone that says you're lying, or call them a terrorist and put them under surveillance and don't let a word they say escape to the public.

And as a Pope, if you get scared of being God's Emissary between him and the People because people aren't falling for it anymore, quit, and let some other guy handle it. (Thought it was a life-time job.) Because indeed, turns out, this Jehovah fellow, isn't all he's cracked up to be. Seems he lied about being the King of Heaven. He's the King of Hell, who lies and kills those who know differently.

Point is - I did indeed, (just as "Jesus" admonished, Plato concurred, and all original teachings embraced,) find the answers to the Universe by finding out who i was. It really worked. So, all in all, it's a good thing, taking the spiritual journey. They didn't lie about that. It works out. One gets the whole picture. Only took me 50 years to do it, too. You probably don't want to invest that much time, so seems you would help me become a member here.

And once a human starts showing signs of real intelligence, it does indeed attract Higher Intelligences who find Intelligence in the Human Species, indispensible. Apparently. And of course, there are also the Intelligences who have mastered spirit travel, serving very bad men, who would like you silenced, dis-credited, or dead. So, altogether, it makes life more interesting.

And if anyone needs ammo for an annoying Christian, tell them it would SEEM - "Jesus" would run from those wanting to drink his blood and eat his flesh, wouldn't he? I sure would. Wouldn't you? Vampires and Zombies? Forever? THAT'S who he wants to love forever? As they're chasing him down to kill him?

Thank you for your consideraton in this matter.