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Frankly, it's time you shut up, Ex-C

By Faithfool ~

A message in my Facebook inbox this morning:

"In the nicest possible way, I cannot understand why you feel the need to put up this constant barrage of anti-God, anti-Church and anti-Christian posts on Facebook... Frankly, I think it is time you shut up, because it is now counter-productive and does you a disservice. With this daily bombardment, to be blunt people are beginning to wonder whether you have become an obsessive-compulsive nut-job - from "Bible -banger" to 'Bible-basher", and regarded in the same way as any such extreme.

"Everyone well and truly knows your position now, so further demonstration of it is superfluous. Extremes and excesses are dangerous. It doesn't worry me what you post, as it's like water off a duck's back, but the sheer number of your posts, quite apart from the content, strongly points to it having become an obsession. Time to take stock and tail-off, in my opinion.. Again, I stress that I am not making this observation to be nasty or unkind - I just want you to be aware that unending antitheses ultimately result in doubt being cast on the propagator, a feeling of harassment and invasion, and the ignoring of the message. You are a nice person, Esther, and that kind of derision should not happen to you. {signed *****} PS This is not a "gagging" message, but hopefully a beneficial observation, given in a positive spirit. Up to you."