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A rant by an old "misethropic curmudgion" (Thanks Dis...)

By Dano ~

I'm a atheist/agnostic/humanist, pantheist/whatever. In other words I have read enough about how Christianity got started plus all of the suffering caused by this faith to realize that I could never be a believer of pretty much any of it.

I have gotten used to being shunned by people who I have eventually realized were born again Christians or had a belief in some sort of invisible deity and wore the smug demeanor of someone who believed that anyone who didn't, was working for the devil.

I have never been bashful about telling anyone that I think all religions are a crock of shit, and are responsible for most of evil and divisiveness we see today.
Now to be clear about all of the comic book paraphernalia that goes along with the Christian faith such as the devil, angels, heaven, hell, virgin births and blood sacrifices to god and such, it is clear to me that they also consist of what makes good fertilizer.

So! Without a god to keep me on the straight and narrow, I obviously am free to do just about anything that pops into my head. Right? I see people every day who profess to be "saved" doing so much stuff that rightfully I should be doing, like stealing vast amounts of money and living like potentates, that it angers me!

I kinda feel like when I get around to fulfilling my destiny of enjoying this life to the fullest, which a good Christian is warned, over and over, never to do, that there wont be any good sinning left to take advantage of.

I have been told outright that I have no way to tell right from wrong and if I don't change I will roast in a slow cooker, in the next life, FOREVER! So! When am I going to get the inspiration from Satan or whoever really is in charge of the dark side, to be able to take advantage of, supposedly, not having any conscience? I wonder if that little voice that I've always heard in my head that has kept me outa debt and outa jail could just be static generated in my cranial frontal lobe.

The evangelical Christians preach that evolution is nothing but a cruel joke perpetrated by the devil, and that their god created everything about 6 thousand years ago. Further that even if we did come from monkeys we would have no clear cut sense of right and wrong.

I assume that the answer would be a resounding NO!,if I were to ask one of those prominent believers if they have read any of the research that has been done in the last 50 years into evolutionary biology, physiology,neurology, and not to mention geology, anthropology, and archaeology. Our public schools are a testament to the success they have had in dumbing down education in science. How do we rank now in the quality of our education? About twenty seventh I think.

Any way, to get back to the core subject of this rant. Because I don't have the bible to tell me how to behave, it disturbs me a little bit when I look around at a community full of Bible thumpers here in the bible belt, who I see on the news every day, fornicating, stealing, adultering, to such an extent that it makes my lame history of sinning irrelevant.

So I'm gonna ask one more time:

Hey satan, ole Buddy! When are you going to rig the lottery for me? It,s not like I'm going to give it all away to poor people or anything, and if you can manage to arrange about ten million, or so, after taxes, of what they are so fond of calling the "root" of all evil, I promise to do my best to enjoy the rest of my time here on this earth.