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Christian Values?

By Cjmybad ~

I saw an ad for a dating service using the words Christian Values as an requirement to sign up for the service. And I often hear people say that everything was so much better when we had God and prayer in our schools. And I can remember my Grandmother saying that 'we are all going to hell in a hand basket' nowadays.

Christian values are based on God and the work of Jesus Christ. The most important Christian value is for a Christian to just value God more than anything, anybody, or any idea. Christian values are based on spiritual things vs. material things. Even though Christian values are spiritual in nature, the evidence of these values come through deeds and actions. This is all according to a Christian website.

Value God is having God first in our lives. This means continuously seeking his righteousness and totally relying on him. As humans we have the freedom of choice to decide what is right and what is wrong, but if we value God we will look to Him for what is right and wrong, we rely on Him to take care of our needs.

Hope Once a Christian accepts Jesus, we must make Him Lord of our lives by putting all our hope in Him. Without hope we will turn away from God and not achieve eternal salvation. No matter what the circumstances, either temptation or adversity, a Christian can continue to hope. Romans 8:24-25 "For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it"

These were the 2 most common Christian Values I found in my search but honestly, who cares about these in our normal lives? If someone wants to believe in a myth and the supposed magic that happens when we and our lives are transformed by God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost in their imaginations then it's sad to see them waste their lives doing it. Let's hope they find out the truth before it too late. But let's see how the religious people hold up in real life. True values that we really need to live with- like:


In the newspaper I read an article about a woman who stole from her church so she could pay off a gambling debt but oh oh - keep reading - she is a nun of the church!! And married to God - why didn't God's love prevent her from stealing or gambling? Walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh" (Gal. 5:16). I thought we were supposed to be brand new creatures in Christ - I guess it only works for 'true christians' not nuns.

Quote from Mother Teresa:
"It is not enough for us to say, 'I love God, but I do not love my neighbor,'" she said, since in dying on the Cross, God had "[made] himself the hungry one - the naked one - the homeless one." Jesus' hunger, she said, is what "you and I must find" and alleviate. She condemned abortion and bemoaned youthful drug addiction in the West. Finally, she suggested that the upcoming Christmas holiday should remind the world "that radiating joy is real" because Christ is everywhere - "Christ in our hearts, Christ in the poor we meet, Christ in the smile we give and in the smile that we receive."

But is that the real Mother Teresa or is this the real one?

Although perpetually cheery in public, the Teresa of the letters lived in a state of deep and abiding spiritual pain. In more than 40 communications, many of which have never before been published, she bemoans the "dryness," "darkness," "loneliness" and "torture" she is undergoing. She compares the experience to hell and at one point says it has driven her to doubt the existence of heaven and even of God. She is acutely aware of the discrepancy between her inner state and her public demeanor. "The smile," she writes, is "a mask" or "a cloak that covers everything." Similarly, she wonders whether she is engaged in verbal deception. "I spoke as if my very heart was in love with God - tender, personal love," she remarks to an adviser. "If you were [there], you would have said, 'What hypocrisy.'",9171,1655720,00.html

Business ethics and greed

A big sign at the local Baptist Church says ' take Jesus to work with you' sounds good, surely Christians have to have morals at work don't they? But then I remember a story in the news about a man who owned a paving company that went door to door with asphalt left over from 'paving a neighbors driveway and he'll give you a great deal' to do yours. Then you hear that they are 2 pastors from a local church and the Better Business Bureau has a list of complains against them! Guess they forgot to bring Jesus to work with them - oops!

And even more personally - our business partners who lied, cheated and stole to get what they wanted and benefitted financially. But all while busy planning their youth group curriculum and outreach activities. Their belief in God and Jesus did not prevent them from deceiving and cheating us and God did not protect us from them and did not help us in any way. No - they did not bring Jesus to work with them. But they look so good sitting in the pews singing so sweetly with no guilty conscience, they've been forgiven by God.


The religious have got to have us atheists beat in the compassion dept. don't they?
Until you think of the Westboro Baptist Church and they hateful signs they hold up at soldiers funeral. They even went to the funerals of the children killed in the Sandy Hook killings. Where is the compassion?

And how about Republican Senate candidate, Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri was asked about his stance on abortion when he is opposed to abortion even in the case of rape and he said "From what I understand from doctors, that's really rare" Akin said of pregnancies from rape. "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" In other words, the Congressman seemed to suggest, a woman's chances of becoming pregnant from rape depends on her intent. If she truly does not want to have intercourse, her body would "shut down" a pregnancy. And by logical extension, if she gets pregnant, then she must not have been raped! This is a common myth with Christians but I ask where is his compassion? Where is his common sense?


A young family member of ours found himself about to be a daddy with his young girlfriend.
Their very religious family did not want them to get married because she will lose all her free benefits if she is married. But don't worry some how they can manage to have a big baptism for the baby, including godparents! So somehow not getting married is condoned by the church just for free benefits? Me thinks that Christianity is a religion of convience!

Take the latest example involving Lisa Biron, a New Hampshire lawyer who volunteered for something called the Alliance Defending Freedom. The legal advocacy group bills itself as a "servant ministry building an alliance to keep the door open for the spread of the Gospel by transforming the legal system and advocating for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family." Among other things, the alliance has fought against the legislative entrenchment of gay rights, including same-sex marriage, challenged protest bubble zones around abortion clinics, and backed communities trying to keep out pornography.
So imagine the shock when Biron was charged with allegedly taking a teenage girl across the border to Canada to have sex, which she videotaped and photographed.

Another example of Christians with outspoken but questionable moral values is:
A devout Christian who calls himself the "Painter of Light," Thomas Kinkade trades heavily on his beliefs and says God has guided his brush - and his life - for the last 20 years.
"When I got saved, God became my art agent," he said in a 2004 video biography, genteel in tone and rich in the themes of faith and family values that have helped win him legions of fans, albeit few among art critics.

Although Kinkade has said he does not market specifically to Christians, his limited-edition canvas prints bear the familiar Christian fish symbol and are inscribed with a biblical reference, "John 3:16." He also is fond of quoting Matthew 5:16 - "Let your light shine before men" - at times sounding more evangelist than artist.

"I love to talk about my faith," he said in a deposition. "I try to embrace people with love, unconditional love, like Christ did."

NPR informs me that Kinkade says that the light that flows from his paintings is the light of Jesus.

This newest claim has called into question the legacy of the Evangelical artist, the self-proclaimed "Painter of Light" whose work is as standard to the Christian lifestyle as that painting of Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper. Kinkade's images are splashed across greeting cards and magnets and tote bags and calendars. I might have even seen one stretched across the T-shirt of a very busty woman in the sanctuary of my own church. Still, for as much of a mainstay as his art is to the faith and corresponding consumer products, Kinkade has not been without his share of what-Jesus-would-not-do drama.

The faith that had lapsed during Kinkade's college days returned. Kinkade, who holds forth on family values and God's blessings with the poise of a natural preacher, started adding the Christian fish symbol, as well as reference to John 3:16 beneath his signature. (It's easy to see why he didn't quote John 2:16, which admonishes the faithful: "Make not my Father's house into an house of merchandise.")

According to a story that ran in the Los Angeles Times back in 2006, his troubles were fueled by money, alcohol, or a combination thereof, causing him to be embroiled in unholy incidents like fondling an unsuspecting woman's breasts at a book signing, peeing on a Winnie the Pooh figure at the Disneyland Hotel, and (gasp!) heckling illusionists Siegfried and Roy during an unflattering episode of intoxication. Kinkade was also facing legal woes from owners of his galleries across the country. He owed a reported $9 million to at least 165 creditors at the time of his death. Ouch.

"It's not about money, It's about blessing others with my God-given abilities." quote from from the 'Painter of Light' himself.

Why didn't God hold him up for the world to see what transformation happens when you are a christian evangelist painter and the lord moves your paintbrush? Another examaple of God failing to make a difference in a public figures life, like Tim Tebow's public praying didn't help him on the football field and the public scandal of televanalists,

The Gospel According to Ray Lewis who calls himself God's Linebacker who was shouting ‘thank you father’ over and over before a playoff game with all the cameras rolling on him. I might be thankful to some magic man in the sky too if I was let off the hook for murder:
Lewis was also accused of involvement in a double homicide, stemming from a fight outside a nightclub Super Bowl weekend in 2000. A year later, Lewis would be named MVP of the Super Bowl, and plead guilty to obstruction of justice for his alleged involvement of the murders. The two sides agreed a fight broke out between Lewis and two other men, but no one could provide enough evidence that the group brawl that resulted in the deaths of two people was murder. A witness said they stopped to dispose of Lewis's bloody shirt, something that has yet to be found, and the blood of one of the victims was found in the 40-foot limousine Lewis and his entourage used as a getaway vehicle. Lewis also settled a civil suit brought by the daughter of one of the victims killed that night in Atlanta. Reports indicate she was paid $1 million.

Lewis spent the remainder of his career, which he's said will end after this season, playing in the shadow of that night. Vilified by opposing fans, worshiped by Ravens fans, all held together by the fact he was one of the best defensive players ever to play the game. While his ability waned in his later years, as they do for all players, Lewis maintained his grip on the media, even getting Sports Illustrated to proclaim him "God's Linebacker" in a 2005 cover story that discussed what Lewis feels was a bigger plan for him. He's a "King charged with fostering a national ministry on the order of Dr. Martin Luther

Guess his christian values/morals only works on getting him out of jail free and not to stopping him from getting drunk, picking fights and hidding the evidence.


We see studies showing how other counties are beating our schools in almost every category, And do you really wonder why when there are people trying to take Science out of our curriculums replacing it with the creastisist theory and Intelligent design?
The other countries are laughing at us as they acknowledge science and research as reality and the intelligent way to succeed in life. New earthers are still trying to convince us there were no dinosaurs despite all the evidence.

Here is some of the ‘science’ being showed at the Creation Museum:
  1. All animals were plant eaters before Adam's sin. God said, "To every beast of the earth I have given every green herb for food" (Genesis 1:30).
  2. Everything in creation, including the plants and animals, was created "very good." God created man in his own image…And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good (Genesis 27, 31).


Nothing like going to church where everyone is your friend. You too can have lots of Christmas cards hanging on your wall (as long as your church has the alphabetical card holder with everyone's name on it, just fill out a card for everyone in the church and they will fill one out for you - bingo! Instant friends!) Oh and all for 10% a week.

But the catch is that you have to believe exactly what they believe or low and behold - they won't be your friend anymore - in fact in some cases they will shun you and turn their backs on you. So I guess you are really not learning real life skills - it's all just for show.

How about being One of the Chosen? or Members of the Tribe? JW's believe that only 144,00 have the "heavenly hope" to go to heaven and serve and rule with Michael the Archangel. The rest of them are just working and trying to endure to the end in hopes that they may be saved. They don't seem to know what's going to happen to them during the Tribulation or the Battle of Armageddon. So the question may need be clarified as to "Saved from what or who?" Additionally, they believe that Jesus actually came back in 1918/1919 to inspect their organization as the one and only true organization that he could use to teach his people after he started reigning in heaven in 1914.

Being one of them makes you feel special and included and gives you the power to shun others that aren't included in your group. Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling doesn't it?

Compassion for animals

We get our morals from god and the bible so after reading parables and scripture about god ordering his armies to destroy enemies livestock and animal sacrifice is it any wonder we hear about Mitt Romney having little compassion for his dog he put on a crate on his car during a trip? Or Mike Huckabee's son who tortured and killed a stray dog? Or the Amish man who was running an inhuman puppy mill with news video that would make you vomit??


Christians have not proven to be less violent than unbelievers, you only have to read the old testament to understand that God condones - no even orders killing and rape. But how about more modern examples like the Mafia, most members were Roman Catholic and who left a legacy of violence, blood and death. Joining the mafia was like joining a religion. It was a commitment for life. You could not retire from it (and this still holds true today.).
My father was beat almost to death for some minor infraction from his father, you know spare the rod. Did they report it in the paper as child abuse? No – it was considered being a good parent. Did it make my father a better father when he had kids? No.

Somehow the proof of Christian values has got to show up somewhere - let's – try - sex

I won't touch the subject of same sex marriage and their ideas on that, it's very well known that Christians have no tolerance for anything like that. Pedophile priest and clergy are well known as well. And somehow the churches are still using donations to defend the clergy who are arrested for child sexual abuse.

How about the man who was arrested for having child pornography and larceny over $250.00? Was he a hateful, dirty, thieving Atheist? You be wrong! He was a priest and he was caught with child porn on his computer and he confessed to stealing between $40 and $60 a week for months sending the money to his family in the Philippines.

Another Rev. from a Restauracion church was arrested for repeatedly raping a 14 year old girl in his congregation over the course of years.

And the 2 pastors who owned a paving company - one of them had his wife sleep on the couch downstairs while he slept upstairs with underage girls. One of his sermons said
"Let God reach you today. Come on, don't be stubborn, Let him reach you" I certainly hope the long arm of the law reaches him soon!

A former janitor at a Tulsa megachurch Victory Christian Center,, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for sex crimes against 3 girls in a scandal that has ensnared five other church employees. Girls ages were 12, 13 and 15 years old.

Written by a pastor:
We all reap what we sow, but pastors have an even greater accountability, as they are depended upon for inspiration and to model lives worthy of being imitated. Truly, as scripture says, "As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor" (Ecclesiastes 10:1). When a pastor falls into sin, the ripple effect on the lives of others is often immeasurable.

So I'm not seeing any differences in people 'filled by the Holy Spirit' and the rest of the world.


Lets see if my ExChristian friends will forgive me for all the cutting and pasteing I did to write this article, I couldn’t make up some of this stuff up if I tried!!

Do you have any stories in your family trunk that backs up my theory that Christians don't have any values or morals that come from the bible or god? That we are worse now than when we had god in our schools and everywhere else? It didn’t stop my Grandmother from having a baby out of wedlock at a young age (given up for adoption) or my father from having a misstress and a baby while in the service (also given up for adoption) No it wasn’t better back then.

Maybe they are right maybe we are losing our moral compass, after all don't our morals come from God and religion? The proof is in the pudding! Do you think it’s time to get our morals from someplace else?