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Deconversion part 6: What is Supposed to Be

This is part 6 in an engaging de-conversion testimonial video series by Prplfox ~.

Losing my faith ripped my guts out. I don't want young people, and the adults they become, to have to keep going through this. In whatever ways I can, I want to use my voice to undo and heal what has been done to us by the power of an idea through Christianity. This series started as an art project two years ago in a friend's living room during a summer of consequences of coming out as an ex-Christian, and became one of the most challenging things I've ever tried to create, using art as a voice. Many of the visuals and all of the music is original.

Everyone has a story. One of the most valuable things you can do with yours is to share it. Find your voice. You are important.

— Prplfox

All six parts in this video series are available here: