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7 Things God Does Not Do

By Ben Marconi ~

In several religions, an essential act of faith is to trust God for one's protection, help, and welfare. As an ex (20 year) believer , and from observing the circumstances of current Christians, I offer these 7 issues in life that are best handled by/for oneself, rather than risking any amount of deference or inaction, believing that god promises to fix issues owing to one's imputed benefits as a believer. A summary of assertions (rather than proof) should suffice, in the hope to appeal to the power of common experience.

1. God will not keep thieves from stealing your stuff.

If you can afford a heavy steel safe, that's a better investment than giving the same amount of money to the needy. Consider yourself the needy, as soon as possible.

2. God does not lead you to the love of your life.

The better bet is become loveable. God does not send you any friends--with similar solution.

3. God doesn't heal sickness or disease at a rate any greater than that which diseases may also remiss on their own (considered apart from the results of good medical care.)

Believers who think they can pray away sickness, disease, or headaches ought to compare a supposed faith-based success rate with the remission rates of those who have no faith. The two improvement rates (religious faith-invoked vs. non-religious, excluding medical solutions) will prove to be almost identical percentages--except for placebo effect. So in this case it's beneficial to go ahead and believe in anything appropriate that might work--hurray for any placebo effect.

4. God will not send you money.

Of course, some people are motivated to provide resources for others because they believe such works please God. Some adopt kindness due to superstitions such as karma. Others are charitable just to help make the world a better place; human kindness probably existed before the Dead Sea was even sick. But gainful work or value exchanged for other forms of value is the most reliable method for survival and comfort. For a few, luck has proven to be way more reliable, that is, the luck of having been born into a wealthy family.

5. If God intervenes to "bless" people with better or favorable circumstances on earth, the blessing rate toward Christians is no better nor worse than the blessing rate toward Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, or Bunnies.

To copy, please get permission from kbt45231[AT}aol[DOT].com6. God does not "make" you happy, regardless of devotion level or personal sacrifice.

Our physical, mental, spiritual, social circumstances are the result of our environment, the luck of a DNA lottery, and--the best place we can affect--in the choices we do or do not accomplish, at whatever opportune or inopportune times.

7. God does not talk to you. 

But if He does, don't you have better things to be doing right now?