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Protecting The People of the Lie and The Lie Itself

By Yak ~

Christians like a good lie --and They'll Go To Hell if They Don't Believe it.

I was recently out on the Internet doing some research and happened across a link to a shame-on-us article about Ted Haggard, the infamous, scooter-riding, arrogant Mega Church preacher who on was outed for Riding the Baloney Pony and doing Meth on the side with his gay prostitute.

The article (link below) is from Christianity Today (CT), a very conservative and influential Christian magazine. (The article on CT is currently open to posting comments...)

Haggard made himself all the more famous in the world's eyes by his outspoken, arrogant and violent attitude toward Richard Dawkins and his camera crew, and by his anti-gay and anti-drug rhetoric that he spewed as if he was an authority of righteousness. Every day he duped thousands of people into thinking that what he said was the truth. He got paid very well for doing it, too. He held the hopes of thousands and betrayed them all. Like others of his religious ilk, at his core he likes a good lie.

In support of that, the CT article is written by fellow christer-buddy who was applying the usual subtle shame-based approach to everyone who reads it: well, if God forgives why haven't we?

Decoding the rhetoric: Let's give Teddy a new job. Let's give it to him, or you're guilty of acting against jesus. His buddy wrote the article during the holidays, so that it's guilt appeal could be maximized. Read some of the comments to that article and see the ones who are still conspicuously duped. They like a good lie. You do the math.

My observation: the christer club is full of leaders (and many others) who are criminally deceptive and abusive. Others in the club will use *any* tactic necessary to make sure that their criminal leaders are comfortable so that the lie can continue. Their guilt and shame-based tactics are crafted to make you feel bad that you ever thought Gay, Drug-Addict Baloney Boy ever lied or did anything wrong.

Interestingly, the only person who did the right thing was the gay prostitute. He called the Lie and The Liar for what they were.

What's you're experience?

Do Christians like a good lie?

Do you think that they would do anything to protect the lie and liar?

What could be done about that?

What could the public do about religious criminals like Haggard and his friends?

What if they showed up in your town?