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Ignorance of the Truth

By Steve S ~

Take a look at this link:

In it, you will see laid out succinct reasons why it is not a good idea to let a religious right affiliated, Mike Huckabee supported company into your university. Sadly, his speech failed to prevent the interests of greed and the ignorance of justice. Chik-fil-A will be built at this college.

It was then I decided to read the comments.

Once I read them,the vast majority anti-gay screeds, mixed in with slander and excuses for the cruelty these beliefs cause to others, a defense that, "Well, this is the loving thing to do" and a proclamation of the gay lifestyle as sinful, and the effluvium of trash that is "Love the sinner, hate the sin", I understood why America can't have nice things. I've just exceeded my weekly dose of stupid. Wow. I was expecting dumb, but the level of sheer idiocy and blind faith and the stench of willful ignorance sickened me.

It doesn't matter how polite you are when you throw around slanderous remarks and donate to groups that actively lie about and slander others, then flip-flop on a position so many were hoping you'd actually take. It comes awfully close to being bigotry,and in this age of information, I will say that it IS bigotry, especially when homosexuality is just as genetically determined as being born left handed or having vision problems and ESPECIALLY when the evidence for this FACT is located all across the internet. It's just that book in your hand and that preacher in your pulpit that make you think being gay is somehow wrong or sinful. A few decades from now, if we all somehow manage to get our shit together and stave off the threat of global climate change - imagine how stupid Chik-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and any organization that donates to Religious Right affiliated organizations are going to look.

They might have the money, and the power, and the blind faith - but we have something more than that: we have the facts. We have the evidence. We will come out on top and we will NOT allow the religious wingnuts of our country to claim victory. Justice will prevail - it must, for the sake of our nation. Because the Religious Right's opposition to gay rights reflects their positions on global warming, evolution, and abortion. They are blindly wrong on all these topics. Fuck the Bible - those of us who stand for justice and peace and kindness have something stronger - not based on contradictory personal revelations, but the EVIDENCE. Proof is greater than faith and to that I say hallelujah, Amen, blessed be the FSM, praise him, praise him, and may his noodly appendage bless us and keep us and make his face to shine upon us, now and forever more. Ramen.

If you do not believe in the Flying Spaghetti monster, the peace be upon you anyways. We Pastafarians are very tolerant of other religions. But hey, if you want beer volcanoes and stripper parties when you die, look us up. :)