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Religion: Oppressing and Brainwashing the Young

By Guy with a Pen ~

Every time I come across a Christian or a Muslim, chances are I'd have to listen to them blab about how God is the 'Almighty Creator' of the Earth and it's inhabitants, how he loves us and how I should believe and worship him. That is of course, if we assume that God is a male. However, what these 'gospel preachers' and 'slaves of Allah' don't tell you is that the reality of the religions they preach is the exact opposite of what they say it is.

English: Medieval miniature painting of the Si...
English: Medieval miniature painting of the Siege of Antioch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In reality, the nature of religion is oppressive and serves as an idol to bolster the influence and power of the ruling class, especially those who claim to be acting in God's name. These people would tell you that even if they're wrong, they still have to be accountable for their actions and answer to God in the afterlife. Meanwhile in Exodus of the Old Testament, Jehovah encourages Moses' followers to submit to the will of their kings without question because they act in his grace. Some might say I'm taking this out of context but let's face it, the phrase itself is explicit enough and there is no textual evidence to suggest that I am taking it out of the context.

Religion also serves as a tool of war. In fact, religion has been the cause of a ridiculously long series of wars all over the world. The failed British conquest in France(refer to Joan of Arc), The Holy Crusades, the French Revolution, the rise and fall of the Holy Roman Empire, the first and second Hundred Years of War, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, War on Terror, the list goes on and on. In fact, these wars are only the notable major wars caused by religion. If one were to run down the entire list, his/her head would be spinning right round like a record before he can even finish the first half of the list. We all know that the U.S. went to war with Iraq not because of Saddam Hussein, but because of the sheer amount of oil available there. We also know that 9/11 was staged by Bush and his fancy little relatives and all of these American bureaucrats along with their churches claim to be acting in the name of God.

Speaking of religious bureaucrats, it is apparent that despite the dark, bloody history of Christ, the Church(and religion in general) still has a strong influence in the world. In America, the White House is filled with Republicans and Democrats who go to church every Sunday to compare clothing. In fact, if we were to estimate the amount of White House bureaucrats based on a Christian:Non-Christian ratio, we can safely say that over 90% of them are Christians affiliated to a certain church. This means over 90% of the White House politicians are being controlled by the Church. Despite the increasing amount of American atheists, it is clear that America is still under an ancient government system that resembles the Holy Roman Empire.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, the majority of the Parliament consists of Malay Muslims. As 80% of the country's population is Malay, the Constitution states that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. On paper, all Malays are Muslims and they are not allowed to defect at all. This can be traced back to the Malaccan Sultanate when Parameswara ran off to Malacca. With the formation of the Malaccan Sultanate, Islam became the official religion of the Straits of Malacca as Parameswara was a Muslim himself. In those days, parents would force their religion down the throats of their offspring. Fast forward to the present and you can see that most of the Malays have retained their traditional mindset as a result of the secular system implemented by the British imperialists. Because of this, Islam is constantly used by Malaysian politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition to manipulate the minds of the Malays and non-Malay Muslims. Even the Prime Minister himself once said that he would have to answer to Allah in the afterlife when he was involved in a public bribe 2 years ago. The Islamic religion was also used to discourage Malaysian Muslims from joining anti-government rallies like the anti-Internal Security Act rally, the anti-Peaceful Assembly Bill rally and BERSIHs 1, 2 and 3.0. All of these rallies had nothing to do with religion in the first place until the BN regime's leaders played the religion card, claiming that Allah forbade public rallies, disloyalty towards national leaders and revolutions. They even proceeded to portray most of these rallies as 'uncivilized, anti-Islam' rallies.

In the education sector, religion has also been used to brainwash the next generation. In Australia, there are missionary schools that do not teach kids subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. Instead, they teach them how to have faith in Jehovah and how everyone who isn't a Christian is evil. Meanwhile in Malaysia, we are taught that we need to believe in God as it is the 'right way of life'. In fact, some teachers will actually gladly tell you that anyone who does not believe in any God at all is immoral. Religion has also been used as a form of moral idol in here. Ironically, the Malaysian government tells us to tolerate and accept the beliefs of other people when that is impossible, especially when it comes to Christians and Muslims.

In Australia, there are missionary schools that do not teach kids subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. Instead, they teach them how to have faith in Jehovah and how everyone who isn't a Christian is evil. Christ and Islam will forever have conflicts with each other along with the other existing religions. Both encourage secularism, both encourage jihadism, both endorse in oppression, both demand the concerned worshipper to have no other God in mind and both demand their followers to kill everyone who does not agree with their religious views. This is something I have addressed in detail in the article 'Religion is Bullshit' which was first published early this year and submitted to on September.

Religion has also been used by pastors, teachers, preachers and parents from all over the world to preach their own bullshit ideas. From open relationships being forbidden to certain movies being 'anti-religion'. Even the simple act of playing has been manipulated by religion. Divorces are forbidden, masturbating is forbidden, sex is an unholy act, playing video games(Especially RPG games that contain their own religion) corrupts the soul, jealousy is a sin, disloyalty is a sin, questioning your teachers is a sin, questioning your employer no matter how much of a jackass he is is a sin, the list goes on and on. And if you do any of these things, you get sent to hell to burn for eternity. Seriously, I am sick and tired of this 'worship or burn in hell' bullshit teaching. Ironically, most of these religious people don't even practice what they preach.

Some might try to deny the facts but the facts will remain as the truth for eternity. Some might say that religion brings peace when it does the exact opposite and this can be seen in Christ as Christians from all churches quarrel among themselves about who's interpretation of the Bible is right. In other words, religion is a parasite that feeds on the ignorance and stupidity of mankind and maybe, just maybe, their fear of reality. It is only powerful because we made it so. Ironically, most Christians would claim that humans are the most intelligent of all living things on Earth.

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