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Hearing about God's healing power...

By Mark Dell ~

I was working at a person's home last week; I install alarm systems. When I was there I discovered that these people were Christians and I overheard a conversation — they were talking about god healing people.

They talked about a man who had a cancer.
  1. It was blocking part of his wind pipe.
  2. He was prayed for by a friends. 
  3. He claimed that the following day he had noticed a noticeable improvement with the cancer and that he could breath better. 
  4. He went around and told everyone that god had healed him.
The following week he went to the hospital, expecting the doctor to tell him it had gone. He told the doctor how GOD had healed him!

After a scan it turned out that the cancer growth had moved slightly, which is why he could breath better. Two months later he died from it.

Listening to those Xtians talking about god healing made me sick. The old line of "god works in mysterious ways" came in. They couldn't understand how god had supposedly healed him, but not removed the cancer completely. They were discussing how god heals some people, but not others, and what they thought were the reasons why.

What a load of rubbish!

I left Christianity in 2008 and have been away ever since. Listening in on their conversation, and now hearing these idiots as a non-Christian — four years later... If they could only step back and look and listen to themselves from the outside like I was doing...

The conversation then became even more bizarre. These Xians seemed to think there was some kind of formula you had to follow before you get healed. They then went into all the details of it. All a load of rubbish.

I am so glad I left all this junk behind: this obsession with an imaginary god that heals people and yet doesn't.