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The Biggest Business Ever

By Tom Johnson ~

So while driving home with my wife on Saturday, I saw a billboard for a Xian college. As I drove past it, I couldn't help but come to the realization that money is what drives religion.

Common practice is to tithe 10% of your earnings to the church. When you think of the millions of people who attend church every week, sometimes 3 or more times, it is staggering to think of the amount of money the church rakes in. Not only that, but it is tax free! Talk about a scam! Now factor in the religious schools and colleges that charge tuition. The number just keeps climbing.

Now besides the direct church funding, you also have to factor in the peripheral businesses. People who print the bible, who write xian books, papers. People who make xian art, or how about crosses, candles, etc? It was once said that the Vatican had more money that the US. I can only imagine. The amount of money that religion receives is just staggering.

Now, keeping this in mind, why would anyone want to allow this enormous enterprise to fail? Just think about the financial implications if xianity were proven a major fail? Talk about a recession! But then again you have the flip side. Imagine the amount of money people would have to spend if they weren't giving it to the church?

Maybe we agnostics and atheists are going about this all wrong. What we need is The Church of Man. A completely godless church that extols the virtues of man and his natural surroundings. Imagine the amount of revenue a church like that could generate! As a business mentor once told me, look at what your competition does, then do it better.

Isn't it time we preached to the masses that it is ok to be human? That it is ok to enjoy all that life has to offer? Isn't it time we had a real place to worship what we should be worshiping? Human kind! Imagine a religion and all the good without god in it. Without all of the dogma that inherently bogs down and ruins relationships and the human spirit. Imagine a place that stresses love and relationships as a natural and wonderful thing. That you don't have to depend on invisible ghosts to bring you that peace and harmony in your life. You do! Now THAT would be a church worth attending!