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Coming out as an atheist while married to a devout Christian

By Ben ~

I recently deconverted from Christianity, and for the past few months did not know what to do about it. You see, I am very involved in church{ teaching Sunday school, singing in the worship team, ushering, past board member, and married to the pastor's daughter.

I decided I could not live a lie and had to tell my wife.

To her credit she has agreed to try to stick with me, but is saying its unfair of me to stop going to church or doing nightly devotions with her.

Telling my family and hers has been really difficult too.

After a two hour meeting with our parents, the in-laws left from the opposite door I was standing at, refusing to speak to me as they left. My mother asked me to get checked out by a doctor to see if I am suffering from some sort of depression.

My sister posted on Facebook a lengthy plea, public, outing me to the whole world. And my wife, though she says she loves me , told me she is afraid God will make one of our kids die, in order to "get my attention."

I wonder what's next?