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People are Allergic to Reason

By: Log1c187 ~

Every time I turn on the T.V. or get on Facebook, I continually see facile and subjectively based bullshit that makes shy away from both of them. Whenever I do post something to facebook—or have a rebuttal that’s incredulous in nature, people either never like it or totally ignore it. Me being ignored is not an issue, but the unavoidable fact that people latch onto platitudes and reject raw information is something that really grinds my gears.

Most of the posts I compose or comments that I make are completely innocuous, but people act like they are allergic to them. I guess it’s possible that they feel a certain type of ambivalence about the things I say. Either way, it seems as though their self-serving bias and their own presumptions seem to create an automated rejection of the subject matter.

Recently, I actually conducted what I call a “Facebook Status Experiment”, in which I posted several subjective and rather shallow statuses over a period of two days. Then, after two days I started posting things that were based on objective observations. Not to my surprise, hardly any of the objective or logically-based statuses were liked. In contrast, however, the subjective and shallow material was liked to some degree.

It just baffles the fuck out of me. Sometimes, I honestly think that there is no hope for the general public *subjective rambling*. Through my observations, it seems as though most of them would rather follow a trend of thinking, than actually think for themselves. I’m just grateful that we still have people in the nooks and crannies of this world who are deep thinkers (scientists and mathematicians, etc…). Without those types of minds, I’d be extremely apprehensive about our future, collectively speaking. On the other hand, religiously-brainwashed politicians still make most of the very crucial decisions that subsequently affect us all. As long as we have the type of intellectuals that I just mentioned to somehow balance out the large numbers of religiotards (neologism) out there, however, I think we might have a fighting chance as a species.