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when ur hubby becomes christian

By helpme ~

My husband grew up with a very religious mother. In his 20's he moved away from religion. This is where I met him, a friend of a friend. We became friends, met at nightclubs etc and got on really well. When we got together, I knew that he used to be a regular church goer and I knew he believed there was a God but that was literally it. It had no great impact on our life together.

We married and had 2 gorgeous children (now 7 and 4) About a year ago, my husband decided to go back to church. I don't go. He initially stated that the belief was important. He would read the bible but was not too fussed about going to church often. This has all changed.

He works shift work- week on and week off, leaving early and arriving home after kids are in bed. Every other Sunday, he goes to church as soon as possible after work. He says it is only down to me that he is not going every week as that is what he wants.

What I hate is that I feel he has become a different person to the one I married. We cannot have a conversation without it reverting back to his beliefs. Even when I ask his opinion on a topic, he reverts back to religion and what God would want us to do. He is righteous and my opinion seems that he puts himself and his belief on a pedestal. He asks questions but talks over any answers then wonders why I name call. I am not proud of calling him a 'twat' or whatever comes to mind but sometimes it is beyond frustration. He wonders why I can be so against a religion but he has made me that way with his arrogance that he is right and somehow i am in the dark.

Arguing his belief is pointless as there is an answer for everything - he is so sure he is right. Because he knows I hate this religion thing, he keeps things quiet. I find things out by accident. By looking at his phone, I found he has made friends at church (could have guessed as he's so late home on a Sunday) and has left work early, meeting them to hand out leaflets etc. He is praying for me - which I find most insulting. I do worry this new friendship thing will draw him even deeper - soon there will be other meet ups and they talk, clarifying each others stupid beliefs

Someone help xx