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Christianity has knocked the wind out of me

From James ~

I am a Seventh day Adventist trying to leave Christianity.

I am in need of others who are going through the same struggle to leave something that has been pounded into my head all of my life. I want to leave Christianity for other beliefs. Christianity has knocked the wind out of me. I left Christianity for 20 years and last year came back to it; was re baptized. I now have a desire to return to my free thinking days. I was into Wicca, the occult etc and would like to interact with others who find the struggle to leave a difficult journey, especially when you only have friends from church. Most of whom look at my Facebook page and run.

I have always been different even as a child, I was a thinker. Christianity has a way of burrowing deep into the mind and brain and settling in and devours ones ability to think for themselves and you literally become a robot or like the women on the "Stepford Wives" movie. I want to finally be free. Please allow me to become a part of your facebook group; I would like my page to receive postings from your page so not only can make friends of life mind but the Christians from Church can be shown the folly of their thinking also. Thank you.