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Is having a belief in an imaginary creator a good survival strategy?

By Dano ~

I think the biggest challenge we as humans face is to accept the fact that we are smarter than we used to be but we still have a lot of evolving to do. We as Homo Sapiens, managed to survive the transition from being stronger in tooth and claw to a more slender version with larger brains, and it only took a few million years of nature selecting certain individuals who had those extra brain cells and could out smart everyone else in the business of keeping warm and killing whatever and whoever we came into contact with, and endowing them with more and longer reproducing capacities. Yes Neanderthal man may have had bigger muscles and more hair but the guy who could bring home the bacon, won the favors of little miss cave girl, and departed this small world leaving more copies of himself.

A sharper arrow, a truer shaft, and an appreciation of the target, even today, beats big and stupid. All that said, if we are to maintain any piece of mind, we just have to adjust to the reality that there are always going to be certain individuals who have the "right stuff" , can think with more clarity and purpose, and will win at the game of life better than others. Some will say that they have been blessed , and others will realize that its all about improving our chances of surviving as a species. It has everything to do with Mother nature and nothing to do with a temperamental "old man" up in the sky.

I have come to being at peace with myself as I gradually came to realize that I was pretty average and blessed with a few skills perfected during an already longer life than expected . you see we all have something worth while to pass on to our descendants or we wouldn't have been the product of the select few billion sperm who got the chance to marry with one of mammas precious eggs.

Just think what it must be like for those who are super smart, extraordinarily beautiful, and perfect in every way to carry the burden of finding and mating with the equally endowed. Not that I haven't had a few lascivious thoughts about Angelina but came to my senses quickly when I thought about the fact that she doesn't have anything that most girls don't have. Proportion maybe?.

The jury isn't in yet on humans having the gullibility sufficient to live a life built around bronze age mythology, but as of this writing, I'm guessing that it ain't gonna prove to be a very good survival characteristic!