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Parallel worlds

Son of a preacher ~

I know of two parallel worlds, one I try to live in now, based on scientific truth (to the best of my knowledge). The other I had forced on me when I was a child. This is a parallel world that coexists on the earth we share, I'm sure there is more than this one, but this particular world is the only other one I have any knowledge of.

Imagine if you can…. A world where you and I both still exist, set on the earth right now. In this world there is a battle of galactic proportions ragging. In this world there are two sides, the good guys (god, his angels and the people of pentecostal churches), and the baddies (the devil, his demons, and everyone else on this earth (that means you!)). In this world the earth has fallen under the sway of the devil, and his demons are everywhere. His demons are the most horrifying beasts imaginable, an undead invisible army, capable of possessing anyone (this means you), and causing tremendous pain and suffering. It wold be fare to say that not everyone is possessed by these demons, but the vast majority of you are. Free demons are also flying about around us all the time, fighting against gods chosen people, basically, they are on the rampage!

On the other side is god, he controls everything! And I mean everything. Although he has this control he seams rather distant, and is reluctant to intervene in the daily struggle against the demons, he helps out once in a while, normally in odd, almost vicarious ways (I would site the steel cross at the base of the twin towers, sited as an act of gods grace by Christians?). And he has these angles who he some times dispatches to help or warn his holy people. They seam to do more warning than real helping… Now because the devil has taken control of the earth (something he only had to posses one snake to do), god has judged and found guilty every person that has been or will ever be on this earth (that's you), he has condemned and sentenced all of you to an eternity of pain and suffering. (I'm not just talking about the day to day struggles of humanity, I'm talking very real torture).

Its not all bad though, he visited earth 2000 years ago and suffered the torture for us all. All anyone has to do to be saved is believe that he visited the earth and suffered this torture, and they will get to live in heaven with god forever. However it doesn't end there, he's watching everything you do (I believe he keeps a list like santa), and if you slip up, even if you so much as think something he does't like, you will be punished. Death is the only respite from the trials and tribulations he is going to put you through.

In this world you are told your a sinner, a scumbag, you are told that your life is worthless and its only god that can give you any self worth. You are taught the bible as historic fact, evolution as a lie of the devil, anyone who believes in evolution is actually demon possessed. You are taught that god is more important than anything else, even you, you are taught they would kill you if god asked them to. You are taught all good things you do are god working through you, and all bad things you do as evil, you trying without gods permission, or even against his commandments. This parallel world has many strange beliefs and these beliefs are enforced using violence (think Hillary Adams), threats of violence, and emotional manipulation by the parents. This world is reinforced by local government (preachers meet with council leaders at least twice a year), national government (finical assistance, tax breaks and grants), teachers (small christian schools), and because you are surround by this world, everyone you know reinforces this world of self hatred, every man, woman and child, and not just on a sunday, seven days a week! Those that don't believe in this parallel world are filled with demons, they are a very real danger (this means you, you are taught as a danger, someone who will go out of their way to hurt gods children, and if god is willing to kill me, how much worse are you going to treat me?).

Imagine growing up completely immersed in this world until the age of thirteen, your first day of high school. Imagine going from a small christian school where you are the only one your age to a school of 1200 'other worldly' children, anyone of them could be full of demons, anyone could be out to get you, you are outside the christian group for the first time, alone, face to face and surrounded by the enemy. You have no understanding of friendship, I remember looking back I could not understand how all these other kids where able to form groups of friends instantly, I couldn't figure it out, how was it possible, what where these groups, I had never seen kids group into packs of friends before, did they know I was a christian and exclude me? I found out later that they all came from the same couple of intermediate schools and had formed their groups there (something I had to ask them about later on.) You have no idea whats going on, the teachers all start teaching at a level two to three years beyond what you learned in your christian school… Age 13, where do you run to? the evil demon filled teachers, demon filled students, demon filled world who are all out to hurt you? or god who will kill you if you don't do what he says? Do you have a choice? The belt is waiting...

Thought: Are memes what the people of old referred to as angels and demons?