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Forever Lost

By P.K.P ~

First, let me start by saying that I’ve never done anything like this; I’ve always been the one to just read what others say. The listener.

Like many of you, I was raised a christian. And like even more of you, as I grew older, I started to think for myself. I started asking questions and putting two and two together, realizing it equaled four, and not 'God did it'. Though that previous sentence doesn’t really make sense, you get my drift.

My entire family was religious at one point. I was forced to go to church, home group, so on. And, like all kids told something, I believed it all. I was blinded.

Now, entering my twenty-first year on this planet, I realize the stupidity of it all. I feel overwhelmingly stupid and foolish for having once believed in this 'God' and his laws.
I even feel guilt of a sort. I followed so blindly, believing all that I was told.

Being the youngest in my family, no one expected me to be the first to stand up and say I do not believe in it, and it’s all crazy. For years, I was seen as a 'tainted soul' and someone that 'needed to be saved'. Which I honestly found funny that they said I was the one who needed saving.

Then, as the years bore on, I took every chance I could get to question my brothers and sister on what they based their belief in, and what they REALLY know and how like me, they had been fooled. My plan worked quite well on my brothers. Being an able debater, they started to realize.

I won’t get into the subject of my sister, as I would need to write a book on that.

ANYWAY, enough about my life story.

I also wanted to say, that through my life, I have grown to hate religion. It angers me. It makes me sick to see so many people trapped in that mentality. So many people blinded and dumb. Entire countries based on this blindness!

I feel it swell up inside me whenever it is mentioned. It’s hard to explain.

I research, and research, trying to find more keys in the dirt that i can use to open the locks on their brains.

Although I do not believe in christianity as a sort... It still troubles me deeply that we do not know the answer to where the universe came from. I deeply desire to read books based on the subject, but i am not very well off when it comes to money.

Anyway... That’s that. Thanks for letting me have my say.