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It's true -- Religion Ruins Lives

By Robert ~

So glad to find a site like this! My own aversion to Christianity begins like this:

Jesus ruined my life when I was eleven years old...

My two brothers went to a mixed senior school which happened to be a Church of England school, where they had an enjoyable time and did very well - the elder of the two went on to Cambridge. Consequently, it was decided that I should follow in their footsteps by attending the same school when I was old enough. We applied and I was offered a place, which we accepted. Then, before I joined the school, they had a change of headmaster. The new headmaster overturned the decision to accept me because I was not a practising Christian (ie. I did not attend Sunday school or blow a trumpet in the boy's brigade etc.). He rejected me even though I had already been accepted by his predecessor. But my brothers are not Christians either. This left me with no secondary school to go to and, because it was late in the school year, most over decent schools were full! Eventually, after much telephoning by my mother, I was offered a place at a local boys' school.

I am unhappy today because I was not allowed to go to the right sort of school for me - a mixed school. All-male schools are not right for everyone. I would have been happier and I would have performed better in a mixed-sex environment. I could have gone to a top university and achieved much more in life. I also feel that I have missed out on all the milestones of youth.

All this happened to me because of the whim of some religious moron who thought that by ruining the life of a young lad whom he did not even know, he was somehow doing God's will. Religion just turns people into idiots. It makes people arrogant and over-opinionated. That man - a Reverend, of all things! - casually ruined my educaton on a whim, on the most ridiculous piece of nonsense I have ever heard.

Thanks for listening.