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In America Today

By Dano ~

Guess what! In America today...

You can be a liar, and not much will happen to you except that you may be elected President.

america in a nutshell / they're all nutsImage by Vermario via Flickr
You can say that you don't believe in any "faith based" theology or mythology today, and go about your life, but you won't be accepted by many of your neighbors (especially if you live in the south),or relatives for that matter. If you run for office you may get one or two votes, yours, and your significant others' (if she/he is a free thinker).

In America today, you can say that you don't believe there is a God and Jesus never existed, without being burned at the stake, in contrast to what would happen to you for expressing the same sentiments about Allah and Mohammad in a Muslim country, where you will most likely loose your head, (literally).

If you grew up in America,there is a pretty good chance, that until you reached an age when you started to think for yourself, that you had been fed so much propaganda about imaginary gods and magical, mystical, bull shit, that you felt guilty and fearful all the time.

In America today, you may not be as well educated as your parents,thanks to the erosion of our constitution, one of the greatest documents ever written, and the first amendment, written to keep government out of religion and religion out of government.

Your head may be full of nonsense about Adam and Eve and Noah and our earth being created in six days by some imaginary being up in the sky. Crap being taught, even in our schools, as pseudo science. Pure Bronze Age mythology, that is totally lacking in true scientific knowledge about how we evolved, over a period of several billion years. Knowledge that is available in existing library's FULL of pure science. knowledge that we have garnered over the last several hundred years about our understanding of our continuing evolution from the first molecules that learned to duplicate themselves, to us, thinking humans. Knowledge that is the basis for all of our biological sciences. Knowledge accumulated since we overthrew the total domination by the Catholic Church, and the commencement of the age of enlightenment.

We are blessed in one way at least by the fact that now we are smart enough to have invented computers and the Internet and even though they would like to, the religious whackos (See almost anyone running for political office) who have dumbed down our schools and what we see on TV (via political correctness), are having a difficult time censoring what information we can find, on just about any subject, including the lies they have told us, about who and what God is, and the slightly loony, Jewish preacher named Jesus.