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Does God really hate America?

By cjmybad ~

I just read a Letter to the Editor in my local paper titled 'God showing his displeasure with America'. The writer goes on about why within the past decade or more so many horrible things happened to America. Droughts, floods, Aids, Hurricane Katrina, Sept. 11, the fall of he dollar, obesity, etc. He says America is in serious trouble and is destined for untold and unending misery and AMERICA DESERVES IT! God hates America because we refuse to obey and honor God's sacred and holy laws. God hates homosexual and lesbian marriages. “God only acknowledges and accepts a traditional marriage which is between one man and one woman who produce children. Homosexuals and lesbians cannot produce children so their so called marriages are forbidden and unacceptable to God.”

My question is Does God Hate Christian couples that have surgery to prevent pregnancy, such as vasectomy and tubal ligation?. Are they the reason we have tornadoes and floods? Could it be Christians who have children and use birth control to prevent more are causing Aids? Does God not accept marriages between Christian couples that are UNABLE to conceive because of medical/physical reasons not under their control? Isn't that a vicious thing to do?

He says ' America has become an un-Christian, ungodly, evil, selfish, cruel, greedy, sex-crazed and arrogant nation which God has rightfully cut down to size. Well Pal - a lot of those labels belong to you and other religious zealots! If there was a god - he wouldn't hate America or any other country.