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Not Alone

By John Shores ~

Something Jason said ( sparked my curiosity. Why do we here feel the need to explain our present atheism? I think I have the answer.

not aloneImage by ルーク.チャン.チャン via Flickr

It is the same reason that we read or love. It is the reason we gather together for sports events or church or concerts. It is why we start charitable organizations or offer a helping hand to someone in need.

I think we post here to know that we are not alone. It is the most fundamental human need.

I find it hard to be hard on Christians or really any religious person. The main purpose of their gatherings is to form a community because people need to know they are not alone. Who cares whether the ideology they adopt really makes any sense? So long as they confine their activities to their group and aren't assaulting other people (either vebally or physically), why should I care? (I admit that many religious people could learn a lot from the Amish in this regard.)

What if someone did believe in Santa all their lives? Should that really matter to me? Even if that person tried to convince me that Santa is real, am I not adult enough to smile and let him give it a go? It is, after all, entertaining. Sure, when I discovered there is no Santa I felt disappointed and a little upset at being duped. But that's no reason to stop giving presents at Christmas, is it?

I guess I'm just saying that while part of me is upset at being duped for 43 years by Christian theology, that is no reason why I should fail to show mercy, be a peacemaker, forgive others and strive to exhibit the qualities outlined in Matthew 5.

I hope that in this, at least, I am not alone.