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My Journey to Hell

By Donna of

Well this is awkward. I never really know what to say when I have a lot to say. This is supposed to be a sort of introduction, I suppose. A sort of ’hey this is what I’m going to write about and it’s going to be awesome so you better read my blog’ thing. I’ve never been a good advertiser, but I can at least tell you what this blog is supposed to be about.

Recently (about 10 months ago) I decided to abandon the Christian faith which I had ascribed to for approximately my entire life (I am currently 21). This is probably not something altogether shocking to hear, since people abandon their childhood faiths all the time, especially those around my age. In fact, my particular story is probably not going to be very shocking either. In additional fact, it will likely be atrociously boring and predictable. Either way, you should read it.

This blog is intended for the curious, for those who are wondering what goes through the mind of a post-Christian or someone who is considering abandoning the faith. It is an account of my own experience and the conclusions I’ve drawn as a result of it. So take from it what you will.

To begin I intend to walk you through the Christian stage of my life and the events that led up to my decision to abandon the faith. From there I hope to spell out the intense few weeks in which my entire belief system was changed. And that will lead into endless blogs about meaningless things I think about now! Well, we’ll see about that. I’ll try to come up with something interesting…

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