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Good Without God?

By Christina ~

My husband is from a very small town in East Texas. His mother is friends with a woman whose son and daughter-in-law are both battling Stage 4 cancer.

It is a heartbreaking story. The man is 42 and has bone cancer, his wife is 37 and has breast cancer. She recently underwent a double mastectomy. They have three very small children who are being kept by the mother.

I have not met them but I do keep up with their updates on Caring Bridge and Facebook.

The mother has had an especially hard time holding it together. She has been keeping her grandkids while her son and daughter in law have been in the hospital. She is a very religious woman... I can tell by the things she posts on Caring Bridge and Facebook updates.

Is it INCONCEIVABLE to xtians that you can be kind and caring WITHOUT god? I decided to send her an email... I don't know why really... I wanted to reach out to her and offer her my help. I guess I wanted to try to comfort her in some small way.

I just said I was sorry for what her family was going through....a nd words can not express the saddness I feel for her family. I said what anyone would say under the conditions. I am an atheist so of course I made no mention of prayers or god.

A few days later I received an email back from her. This is what is said word for word.

Dear Christina,

I can tell by your spirit and your witness you love the Lord with all your heart. Only a true Godly woman could express such empathy and compassion for strangers. God is so good!! Thank you for your prayers, we are taking it one day at a time. Though we do not know God's plan for my precious son and daughter....God does! We are cherishing these moments and know if it is God's will to bring them home, we will rejoice in knowing we will see them one day soon. All blessings flow from Him.


Hmmmm... Is it INCONCEIVABLE to xtians that you can be kind and caring WITHOUT god? I guess not... It makes me very sad!

She made it all about god and took all human emotions out of the equation. If you notice her whole email was about god and basically nothing about her children. It readymade me sick to my stomach. There was not a thing in my email that even hinted at God or prayers. What was she thinking??!?!

I never sent her another email but she did tell my mother-in-law I had emailed and imagine her shock when she was told. "Christina is an atheist."

It just ticks my off when god gets credit for humans!