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Some Questions

By David B. ~

This originally started out as a short answer in verse to a Christian 'guest' on the testimonial "Leaving Pentecostalism." Not long after I posted it several more verses occurred to me, so here is the extended edition.

DSC05619.JPGImage by guate84105 via Flickr
Where was the ram for Jephthah's daughter?
Or for the Levite's concubine?
Where was God's hand to stop the slaughter
Of the children of Palestine?

What grace was shown they who mocked Elisha?
Did mercy come as an angry bear?
And when babes in arms slid beneath the waters
Of the flood, where was the care?

Who cursed the fig for, out of season,
Not bearing fruit before its time?
Who sent the pigs to their destruction
To cure a madness? What was their crime?

Why take the first born from their mothers
For the actions of their king?
Yet fill a goat with the sins of others
To save them from such a reckoning?

What justice is lent to women stoned
for adultery, while men have many wives?
How can a god allow one to be owned
By another for their natural lives?

How can one say "thou shalt not kill,"
But still announce a call to arms?
Why claim to grant mankind free will
Then harden hearts by evil charms?

Why make a fruit not to be eaten?
Why make a snake to cause the fall?
Why say that children should be beaten?
Why send Jesus, then send Paul?

And who, for Noah's drunken error,
Forever cursed the tribe of Ham?
Who is this god that spreads such terror?
And why on Earth call him a 'lamb'?