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Abide ~ A Happy Place

by dharma ~

While sorting and packing a few things recently I found this poem scribbled on a napkin. Please keep in mind that I use the term ‘poem’ very loosely.

I wrote it years ago. But as I read it from a new perspective, I suddenly decided that maybe it was meant to be in print. Maybe others could appreciate the pure frustration I was suffering from at the time.

Please allow me to apologize for some of the language. Keep in mind that I was in torment. And the angst that had built up within me over the years demanded a certain amount of raw emphasis.

This poem is a ‘peace’ of me and I do hope you enjoy it.

Abide ~ A Happy Place

Coming Back to YouImage by Cheo70 via Flickr
I’ve turned the other cheek so many times
my face is numb and so is my mind

Sweet solace I find in these frustrated rhymes
A precious refuge in the worst of confines

You say the grass is somehow greener on the other god damn side
I say you’re full of shit looking for another place to hide

Another place to turn to sludge
A derisive little place to hold your grudge

Still desperately you try to invade our minds
But there’s no room left and we’ve drawn the blinds

So, go away and let our souls alone
Go kneel and prey at your masochistic throne

Agonize and writhe in your faith and grace
But just let us abide a happy place

Yes, go away and let our souls alone
Go kneel and pray for your sadistic own