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Idle thoughts on a quiet morning...

By Elly ~

Whenever I listen to beautiful and lively music, I think to myself, 'A world containing music like this should not be allowed to have bad things happen.' I believe that someday, perhaps thousands of years from now, humans will have made that peaceful world possible. I can sense a kind of awakening already, just by observing the extreme polarization going on.

A calm morningImage by lilybartlett via Flickr
I hold Christianity as an example. Its outward practices are growing more and more absurd-looking as its "outspoken few" are trying harder and harder to push itself into mainstream society. God is slowly being portrayed as a shallow, abusive, sex-obsessed parent, represented by his followers. Continuing in it as a believer no longer looks quite as appealing, due to the idea of Heaven being spent worshiping such a god. I present ourselves as evidence.

Now, Christianity's very beliefs are being transformed into something invasive and ridiculous. I can't imagine that anyone until recently thought non-Christians would grant their creation story complete credibility as scientific fact. I mean, really? Once the ideas of someone being sculpted around an amputated rib which was previously made out of clay and that the earth is 6,000 years old were predictably laughed at, they took it as proof that Christianity was finally being persecuted. Or so that's the impression I get.

Never mind the fact that if those of other religions tried to present their own beliefs as mainstream fact, they'd be laughed at just as much. Never mind the fact that compared to the number of people in the world who greatly outnumber their own members, they themselves can claim "small and narrow is the path to righteousness" status.

And finally, if you think about it, the supposedly "metaphorical" stories in the Bible sound exactly as myth-like as those of all other religions. Common historical events inspiring imaginative legends that are written down and passed along throughout the generations, locked into their culture by one thing... fear of damnation or spiritual stagnation if they don't believe that they are true? The thought both amuses and exasperates me.