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I'm Done

By Dethblight ~

That’s it, I’m done. When I first deconverted I was of the mind that we apostates and other nonbelievers should hold back our bile unless provoked, and that we should all make nice. Well screw that. I’m done pandering to these idiots for fear of hurting feelings or alienating my mom, or any other reason. They don’t make nice with us, why should we make nice with them? We are a source of derision and a cautionary tale to them. We apostates are the scum of the earth, whether they say it out loud or not. Here it is plain and simple: Christians are idiots. Most religious people are, but Christianity is what I know, so that’s what I’m going to focus on. Don’t worry, I’m not excluding myself, I was an idiot too back when I believed.

I've had it up to hereImage by Axel Bührmann via Flickr
If you are a Christian, then there are three possibilities, all of which are equally stupid. The first scenario is that you have never examined your religion. You believe it just because you were told to believe it, and it’s never crossed your mind to question it. These types of Christians are stupid through neglect. Religion is supposed to be the most important thing in the world (if you believe in it), so how can anyone justify not making an INFORMED decision about it? If it’s that important, you should do research on it. If it’s the true religion, it will stand up to scrutiny and you have nothing to fear.

Then there are the Christians who have “examined” their faith but still believe. Well, the problem here is that these Christians (I used to be one of these) examine their faith through tinted glasses. Where you should be going into such a journey with an open mind, you instead go in with prejudice. In confirmation class you study other religions and you snicker under your breath at how stupid some people are, while they’re sitting there snickering right back at you for the same reason. The bible says the sky is purple and that’s all that matters. Yeah, you COULD look up and see that the sky’s blue, but why bother when you already know it’s purple? Or maybe you accidentally glance up when you hear a plane, and you see a flash of blue. Well, no need to panick, it’s either a trick by the devil, an optical illusion, or maybe everyone else just got the names for those colors mixed up. When the Bible says the sky is purple, it’s actually describing what everyone else calls blue, something just got lost in translation, right? These people are willfully stupid, and while I was one of them once, I still believe that they are the worst offenders.

Then there’s the third type who I truly feel sorry for, but they’re stupider than the rest. The ones who have examined their faith with an open mind (as open as they can get anyway) and still believe. Direct contradictions within the Bible? No problem. Virgin birth? Hey, it could happen. Noah’s Ark? It actually happened. These people to me are like a thirty five year old who still believes in Santa. Not someone with a mental handicap, or someone who believes Santa lives in the smile of children, blah blah blah. No, a thirty five year old in full possession of his mental faculties who still believes that there is actually a magic elf in a red suit flying a sled through the sky to deliver presents.

Of course there are other categories of Christians as well, most being a blend of these three. And there are those who have stopped believing but aren’t ready to admit it to themselves yet. But I feel that these three groups make up the vast majority of Christians, and I’m sorry, but they are all just plain stupid. Up to and including my mom unfortunately. I always considered her to be an intelligent woman until I lost my faith and had talks about religion with her. I am now finding out that as smart as she is, she believes everything in the Bible literally, and everything the church has ever told her whether it is in the Bible or not. For example, she told me that she believes that dragons and unicorns actually existed at one point. I still have deep respect and love for her, but I’m sorry, when it comes to religion she is stupid. Just like every other Christian.

And yes, I know that I come across in this little article as arrogant, superior, pretentious, angry, bitter, know it all, pushy, militant, etc. etc. But I truly don’t care anymore. Those are terms that were invented to deride and insult people who say things you don’t like. Whether what that person is saying is true or not is immaterial. Everyone is all of those things about something or another, whether they voice it or not. I am done sitting on the sidelines keeping my mouth shut. Religion is a cancer on humanity, and it’s time we fight back.