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Some things are unexplainable, so lets fill in the gaps!

By Log1cd1ctat3s ~

Almost every time I defend a secular viewpoint, I’m met with this statement; and I quote,
“I just believe that not everything can be explained, geez.”
It’s either that or something similar to that. I’ve been confronted with this statement on a multitude of occasions by people who run out of arguments to defend their fallacious religious beliefs. My question adhering to that is this,
“If everything truly cannot be explained, should we then just fill in the gaps and assert things that we don’t have evidence for?”
Even if everything cannot be explained (which I disagree with); that doesn’t mean we should just jump to conclusions in a possibly-erroneous way. I know a lot of people are not going to like this but—faith is dishonest. Not only are you being irrational when you put faith in an anthropomorphic deity, but you are also deceiving yourself in case you just so happen to be wrong.

Every shred of empirical data that we have up until this point repudiates the existence of a supernatural supreme being. Also, if you pay close attention to—and read—various religious texts, or even skim over them you will find the same pattern. Most all of them are taken from earlier scripture and text and retranslated to fit the authors’ desired intentions. An example of that is how ancient Greek mythology basically introduces the concept of Hades, and then it was subsequently adopted by almost every other religion since. I mean wake up and get a clue people! My intention is not to insult anyone’s intelligence. Rather, it’s the total opposite. I would like to believe that people are smarter and more rational than what their beliefs would suggest—which leads me to an unwanted deduction. I have concluded, based on my observations that people continue to harbor religious beliefs because it comforts them to do so. Even in the face of everything I have just inquired about, there will still be many people who pray to a sky genie before they tuck themselves in tonight.

The Mahabharata, which contains the Bhagavad Gita,has been said by many scholars to be one of the oldest—if not the oldest—religious text. It is an ancient epic poem that is also considered to be Hindu scripture. Many of the concepts of eternity were subsequently taken from this archaic text and re-translated in other religious doctrines. That brings me to another question, “Why are we still relying on documents this old to tell us what to believe?” I mean seriously, all of these texts were written in an age long before the rudimentary foundations of scientific practice were established. In addition, if you remember your history correctly, Galileo was imprisoned for scientific discovery—in an age when those sorts of things were considered to be of the devil by the Catholic Church. They were considered to be of the devil because they threatened the power the church had over the people and the comfort that orthodox beliefs bring to the masses.

In conclusion, I cannot prove to you that there isn’t a God. However, I can show you how ridiculous it is—from a rational standpoint—to fill in the gaps without evidence. Religion has caused almost more death around the world than any other thing. The Crusades, The Salem Witch Trials, and The 9/11 Attacks are all decent examples of what religion has done for us as a species. If you are reading this and you are religious please understand that secularity doesn’t demand blind obedience. It doesn’t condemn you to an eternal torture for your mistakes. It doesn’t assert anything that we as a people—collectively—don’t have evidence for. It does; however, liberate you and help you approach your life in a more rational way.

Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/Log1cd1ctat3s?feature=mhee

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