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I Hate Easter

By summerbreeze ~

Well, Easter is soon upon us. It's my least favorite Holiday. In fact, I hate it. With it coming in March or April, and in our neck of the woods, that means the snow has mostly melted, and the ugly fast-food paper bags, cups, wrappers, french-fry holders, combos bags, empty cigarette packs, beer cans, one boot or one shoe laying by the road (it's always one...why is that?) plastic bags, and who knows what all, is right there to see and be appalled by.

Then there's the mud, cloudy skies, and no flowers and no leaves. And if there IS snow, it's covered with dirt.

What a perfect time of the year to celebrate the Lords' being risen !

Don't mind me, I'm just in a bad mood thinking about Easter. We always "celebrate" it with my husband's sister. Or, better known as the christian ding-bat. She has always been a christian ever since I've known her. And she has been married six times. She and her 1st husband stole all the furniture in her parents house as her mom & dad lay in the hospital after a car accident. She had her first two kids taken away from her by the State of Michigan because she was a horrid "mother." She never told her 3rd husband that the first two kids even existed (He found out after they'd been married a year -- all hell broke loose.) The Department of Social Services had paid her at least one visit when she was "raising" the rest of the kids, and why nothing came of it is beyond me.

She has a total of seven children by five different men... She is a pathological liar... and at our wedding, three of my husband's childhood friends requested not to be seated anywhere near her. Last Easter, when I was in the ladies room with her (at a restaurant), she hit me on top of my head so hard that I actually saw stars. The reason? I had said to her (in a pleasant mood ) that my husband sure did like to talk a lot. (Everyone knows it and laughs about it. Obviously not her.) My Husband has said that he doesn't want to tell me everything about her past, because then I would really hate her !

( too late )

This "good christian" is against being Pro Choice ( which I find ironic), and she stands firm on all christian fundamentalist issues.

It fits that we see her each Easter, with the Easter Story being a load of manure, and my christian Sister-In-Law's life being as hypocritical and sordid as you can get.

But hey !...we can always look forward to biting the ears off chocolate bunnies, fighting over who gets the black jelly-beans and watching Peeps explode in the microwave !

Thanks for letting me unload. I feel better already !