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The Narcissism of Religious Belief

By Boatman X ~

I was raised in Christian Evangelical Fundamentalism. I chose a different path many years ago, and formed my own spiritual beliefs. I do not try to convert anyone to my beliefs. These beliefs are my own, my choice, my guidelines for living.

I've just spent the holidays with my family, who are unrecovered religious Christians. They study scripture, and beseech God in prayer, and relentlessly try to reconvert me to their beliefs.

In their passion to convert me, I see only their attachment to their personal perspective on reality, colored by their Bible and the cultural norms of the particular sect to which they pledge allegiance.

Pure Narcissism, I think to myself.

I'm so sad for them, and sad for myself as they've never even inquired as to the nature of my own spirituality. Nor would they respect my beliefs if they ever did ask.

Pure Narcissism, to hold forth your holy book and believe that your purpose in life is to convert everyone around you to your particular beliefs.

To those of us who've shed the Narcissism of Religious Belief, more power to us.