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9-Pound Boy Born To A Nun !

By summerbreeze ~

Roxana Rodriguez, circled,
on the day she joined the order of
the Little Disciples of Jesus
I'm sure that you've heard the recent news about the Nun from the 'Little Disciples of Jesus' convent, near Rieti Italy, who gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. ( I'm glad that her convent wasn't named 'Little Disciples of Innocenti')... now THAT would be embarrassing!

She was another one of those women who said " I didn't even know that I was pregnant "....OH NO !...could this be another gift to the world from God ? His last gift, 2000 years ago, helped to screw things up big time, for rational people that is.

The local Pastor in the town said "I guess she's telling the truth when she says she arrived at the Hospital unaware of the pregnancy"....totally ignoring the question of how a Nun could get pregnant in the 1st place.

This is just more proof of how the Catholic Church pig-headedly clings to the archaic belief that male and female clergy from the Pope on down, must remain celibate.

They condemn sexual relations, then condemn masturbation. Then they overlook child molestation, and child rape, and merely move the offender to a new Parrish.

Methinks that the Catholic philosophy is a bit evil.

Bottling up normal, sexual yearnings is dangerous, and unnatural too.
I grew up on the outskirts of a large city. When I was a teenager, they tore down a very old Nunnery to make way for a new one. In one of the walls, they found the skeletons of 3 fetuses. It was in the local paper, and the Catholic Church was having a stroke saying that it was all lies. A friend of my Mom & Dad's was a police officer, and was one that was on the scene, and he confirmed that it was 100% true. ( and he was a Catholic ).
The church suppressing sexual urges is not a new thing, and has left a multitude of victims in its wake for a long long time.....both men and women.

I know that my little rant won't change the course of things, but if just one Catholic out there reads this, and it causes those wheels & gears to start grinding...then I'm happy.