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I'm Not Underground Anymore

By Joel H. (aka Underground Freethinker) ~

After several months of hiding the fact I'm no longer a Christian from my family, I have come out and told them the truth. In June, I told my sister to see if this was a good idea as she is more tolerant of people's differences. Although she does not actively try and "save me for Jesus", she believes I've taken a wrong turn in life. I know I've been quite unstable for the past 3-4 years as I go through this paradigm shift; but a wrong turn? Maybe a different road perhaps would be a better way to say it sister.

Four months later in October, I could no longer take the pain of hiding myself anymore. So when I got a chance to talk to my parents, I took it. First, I told them I was no longer a Christian but in fact a freethinker and an atheist. Second, I had a problem with the bible as it promotes the acts of rape, murder, torture, and slavery to name a few atrocities. Third, the bible contradicts itself on many things throughout its pages. Fourth, I could no longer stand going to church anymore even if I do arrive late and leave early. And last but not least, I told my parents I no longer wished to be a Christian and could never be ever again as I know too much to believe anyway and do not wish to be a part of such a destructive force upon the Earth.

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Although they now accept the fact that indeed I am not a Christian, they said someday I'll come back believing as I had been before. What they don't understand is why would I want to go back? And why would I want to read the bible as they see it? Why is it that whenever I install software on my laptop, it always asks me to read the "terms and conditions" so I know what I'm getting into but with religion, I must believe with blind faith? Not me, not ever again.

I know in the future that I will upset a lot of people if I tell them who I really am. Whatever actually happens though, I know my freedom to openly express myself will be achieved. I don't have to fear damnation while being looked down upon anymore. And if I don't want to believe anymore and follow my own path, then so be it.

Anyway, I thought I would let you all know that the "Underground Freethinker" has surfaced and is readily seeking the truth through reason and science without hiding it. I don't speak out often, but when I do, I'll make sure to stand my ground from now on.