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God paid for, and cooked my Thanksgiving Dinner !

By summerbreeze ~

What a guy ! This is what the Lord did =
English: Saying grace before carving the turke...
English: Saying grace before carving the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner in the home of Earle Landis in Neffsville, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

( 1 ) Went to the Bank, withdrew a boat load of money to buy food and drinks.

( 2 ) Drove round and round at several grocery stores, looking for that elusive parking spot ( next to Siberia )

( 3 ) Stood in L.O.N.G check out lines, usually stuck between people coughing and babies throwing hissy-fits.

( 4 ) Cleaned my whole house top to bottom.

( 5 ) Wrestled with a slippery Turkey, even dropping it on the floor once, only to find out that the inside was STILL frozen and the Turkey roasting pan was too small.

...........The Saga Continues

( 6 ) "He" peeled, shucked, diced, simmered, sliced, stirred, chopped, fried, basted and roasted while balancing 8 entrees plus side dishes to all come together at the same exact time !

I learned that it was God who was responsible for all this as I listened to 12 believers go 'round the table and each give thanks and appreciation to the Lord for the bounty put before them !

Now don't get me wrong, I hope I don't sound like a petulant child who wasn't given proper acknowledgement,
but it has always amazed me as to how God is given mega praise - - - while it is always man who does the work.

This doesn't make me mad, it just amuses me.....

I spent 'prayer time' with my head bowed, stifling a chuckle.......... this is what we have to do, right ?