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The Power of Prayer

By Slave2Six ~


1 : entreat, implore

2 : to make a request

Synonyms: appeal to, beseech, petition, solicit

I prayed to the manager at the tech company to provide me with a job and to pay me for the work that I do, and he did.

I prayed to a landlord to allow me to reside in the house he owns in exchange for lucre, and he did.

I prayed to the utility companies to provide electricity, gas, and water in return for giving up a portion of my income to them, and they did.

I pray constantly to the grocer and gasoline company to provide us with the means to sustain ourselves and our automobile in exchange for a monetary contribution, and they do.

When someone in my family became sick, I prayed to the doctors to provide healing, and they did (for a modest fee of course).

When we fell on hard times, I prayed to charitable organizations to help us with food and shelter, and they did.

Then I found out about a god who loves me as if I was his child, who loves me more than he loves the flowers of the field and the birds of the air who seem to get by without all this monetary exchange business and I was told that he would care for me - in exchange for 10% of my income.

I was faithful in paying my god-dues. I prayed that god would ease the burden that I was carrying. All I got in return was an admonition from the man who sold me god that god's great gift to me was to give me the strength to work so that I could earn money so that I could take care of my family. In the end it was always up to me to find the solutions to life's problems.

What I learned is that prayer works if you pray to real people.

When you pray to phantoms, it is completely pointless.