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Recoverying from Christianity

By JC Wells ~

As a recovering Christian-aholic, I must say that I am glad I stumbled onto this site. There are some great posts on here. As one who was wrapped up in Bible theology with no way out, I have found great freedom in studying the Bible and making well-informed and educated decisions about its lack of truth.

Christianity is a very dizzy ride indeed. It is a ride that involves carrots on a stick, whips at your back, and future promises of blissful states that are never realized. The real addiction of Christianity is the "good" parts of the Bible that all churches cherry pick for their own self-aggrandizement. Lessons about love, peace, kindness, and gentleness can be gleamed from the Bible. But so too can it be gleamed from every religion or philosophy book on earth. But grabbing morsels of truth from the Bible is like trying to drink pure water out of a septic tank. It doesn't work. Here's why.(Don't worry; I will not explain why drinking water cannot come from a septic tank.)

Getting truth out of a book from a god that promotes slavery, genocide, rapine, and the righteous act of stoning disobedient children is insane. This is why atheists and agnostics will battle the Christian religion till they have conquered it.

This Yahweh is a scourge and an embarrassment to any well meaning person, which is another reason why free thinkers have a difficult time showing respect to those who are steeped in their Christian religion.

And I know there are those that will say, "Well, you are going back to the Old Testament. We are now under the New Testament." Did God change his moral character in the New Testament? I mean, after all, he is the same God yesterday, today, and forever.

In the Old Testament and New, his rage and utter disrespect for humanity is made plain for all to see. So instead of apologizing for his Hitler like actions he supposedly sends this son of his to make amends. He is supposedly the creator of the whole universe and not one time does he say, "I am so sorry that I told my children to murder millions of people in Canaan." He not one time says, "Slavery is an utter sin against humanity and it must stop now!!!!!" And yet this guy claims to be the prince of peace; the God of love; the one and only.

This great God also created a special place of everlasting torment for those of us that think. Yes, we think. And we think that this god is not real. And if he is real we wouldn't follow him anyway, anymore than we would follow Mau, Hitler, or Stalin. If anything, we will all get an award for turning away from Christianity and thinking.