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Got Jesus?. Who need's enemies?.

By Hellspeak ~

You're a new Christian. You've been searching for meaning in life, and are convinced you have found it in Christ Jesus. You've said the sinner's prayer, been convicted for the crime of being human, and experienced the pang's of white hot guilt. But a new hope has welled up from inside you, you've had your conversion experience, and are now on fire for God.

Now the testing will begin... the refining. You use to follow the dictates of your nature, your inner self, that used to guide you, but now you aspire to submit to a God/Man. A being, that you have never physically met in this life and never will. A man, that you will attempt to have a relationship with, and your only means of attaining this will be in your mind. How you will feel about him, will depend on how you think, as how you think, is how you feel. You will be taught, that to draw near to the thought ideal of who and what Christ is to you, you must lose yourself to find him. You must forfeit, as much of yourself as possible, to rip out and reject "you". You are now your own enemy, at odds with who you are, as you war with your nature, your humanity. Set down a path of self-loathing, yearning and struggling for impossible perfection, that will never come.

As you battle your personal war with yourself, new enemies will be converging en mass, enemies of the Satanic kind, thought enemies, invisible, ancient, and extremely powerful.

Ephesians: 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places."

By joining Christ's army, you have attracted the attention, and sounded the alarm. Droves of spirit being's, of hive mind, with singular purpose, licking at your heel's in hot pursuit, lusting for your destruction. A swirling mass of hatred, poised to strike your mind in the phased spirit realm. Penetrating claws, and gruesome appendages, infecting/injecting all manner of polluting thoughts. To entice, torment, deceive and divide, with the intent to turn you away from light to dark. There will never be a moment, awake or at rest free of these immortal malicious beings. Your only weapons in your defense, will be words, and words in this worldview speak louder than actions, and always will.

Droves of spirit being's, of hive mind, with singular purpose, licking at your heel's in hot pursuit, lusting for your destruction.We fragile beings of mostly water, with short lifespans and susceptible to a myriad of disease's, and riddled with error, are the plaything's, pawn's and trophies of God's. This is the meaning of life, there is no "grey area". It is simply, a battle between two power being's competing for soul's. The stress caused, by the warring factions on believer's minds, could be enough to tear their sanity to shred's.

Not only do you have the pressure and challenges of life to survive, and your salvation to work out, you have Satan/demon's and God to contend with. These demon's who speak through others, to discourage you, taunt you, break you, and make you say things that you never meant to say. Tempt you with vice, and lead you astray. And God allows it, to test you, refine you. To see if you're worthy enough, for his protection (His armor) and his love.

In all your interactions, from now on with everyone you meet...they could be under demonic influence. Be hyper-vigilant , have your spiritual radar (discernment) activated and on red alert!, probing others intentions, overly reading between the lines. Who do you trust?, trust no one, not even yourself.

To imagine this as reality is just astounding, and absolutely revolting. An insult to the very essence of life. These are the things of terror, delusion, and paranoia. This is not love, this is fear and control. Not spiritual, but psychological warfare perfected.

Maybe it was all too much for even God, in his human form too handle. The God/Man's death on the cross was his escape back to where things make sense. This world, is so much chaos and disappointment. Leaving but a ghost behind, to haunt with the false hope...of letting us follow.