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The Hijacking of Morality

By ~yak ~

Arthur C. Clark said one time that one of the great tragedies of history was the hijacking of morality by religion.

But what really is this "morality" when the religious use it?

Christianity and a few other religious regimes have even gone as far as saying that without their religion, morality cannot exist.

What is self-evident and verifiable by history is that religion, while making such boasts, is one of the most immoral institutions ever made by man.

Christianity alone is a shadowy hive of continual criminal conduct. The more obvious constants include institutional predilections toward rampant pedophilia, corruption, criminal coverups, extortion and religious, emotional and physical torture, adultery and more.

Despite the near weekly revelations of these and other crimes against fellow humans, Christians across the board deny their existence or they minimize them, saying that it's only a few bad people, a few isolated instances. The facts, of course, demonstrate a very different reality.

All of the numerous and growing number of christian crimes are forever recorded in the news headline archives, police, state and federal criminal records. They've been going on for so long, they are included in history books --the history of church crimes against humanity.

And they are in fact crimes.

Pedophilia is a crime. covering up pedophilia and other crimes is itself a crime. Extortion, corruption, sexual, emotional and physical abuse are crimes.

But Christians seem to believe that these are not really crimes. And despite their verbal protests to the contrary, Christians demonstrate that they approve of --condone-- these crimes perpetrated by their fellow Christians by paying money to the very institution that harbors these criminals. It supports and defends them.

Christians use the term "tithing" a practice of giving money, usually expressed as a percentage of their personal income, to the organization to pay the salaries, housing, clothing, food, entertainment and legal defense of criminals.

In fact, Christians not only pay the organization, they defend this practice and their right to do so. They may cite that money goes to missions, child care(!), the poor and so on, when in fact most money given goes into operating funds for the purposes cited earlier. They turn a blind eye and "wish away" the real problems that they willingly bankroll.

(Some have the temerity to say that they give money to do "god's work." If housing, supporting and defending pedophiles and a variety of other criminals is god's work, that is to say, part of "god's plan..." Well, that's another Epic discussion for another time.)

In America, there is another term for the practice of giving money, shelter and any help to criminals. It's called "aiding and abetting" criminals and their activities.

Is it moral to knowingly and willingly pay an institution that supports and defends criminals and their activities? Is it moral for a person to give money to an institution that supports and defends abuses and abusers?

Make this statement sound moral: "I pay money to a church or church-related institution that besides helping the poor, uses those funds to harbor, support and defend pedophiles and other abusers. But when I give my money it isn't for all that bad stuff."

You can't do it.

In modern terms, what Christians are doing is crowdsource-funding known criminals and their activities.

Why are these people and organizations allowed to receive and distribute money? Aren't they just like the Islamic "charities" that made the headlines at the beginning of American wars against the people of the middle east? Those charities gave money to the poor, too, but also paid to house, feed and protect criminals --just like christian organizations do.

The US government froze the Islamic charities' funds and prosecuted the givers because they were bankrolling what in reality is another form of crime called terrorism. Why are christian organizations allowed to operate freely and unchecked?

So, when you next think about your christian neighbor, co-worker, babysitter, school teacher, soccer mom, or politician --and know that they willingly and knowingly give money, by which action they condone the activities of and "aid and abet" known criminals and their activities, do you consider them to be in any way "moral"? Really?

Or can you call them what they are: people who approve of and perpetuate some of the greatest crimes against humans today --and those christian-funded crimes are happening while you are reading this.

It is indeed a great tragedy and truth that religion has hijacked morality. It's an even greater tragedy that these religious people and organizations are allowed free reign to carry on, unabated, harming humans --scarring some for life-- under the guise of their "morality."

Given the facts, I must say that "christian morality" is a very unique point of view.

Your thoughts?