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Creationists have a spider problem

By God O Rama ~

Supposedly death was not introduced until after the Fall of Man. According to Genesis, it was God’s punishment for the disobedient act of eating the forbidden fruit.

So up until that time, did predatory animals eat plants? If this is so, then why would God design the spider with the ability to spin a web to trap other insects?

Did the spider just spin a web as a hobby? And what if other bugs got caught in it? Would the spider just apologize and let them go?

What was the silk for, if not for wrapping the prey, and the poisoned fangs, if not for paralyzing them? What did the spider do for food before the fall?

And how to explain other animals “designed” to kill, like snakes, lions, and sharks? If there was no death, then why would these creatures be designed specifically to hunt and kill their prey?

Indeed, why would any creature even need to eat at all? They certainly wouldn’t be able to starve to death, so why would there then even be a need for a digestive system?

What did baleen whales use their elaborate straining system for? Would they just swallow tons of plankton only to have it pass through their bodies undigested and still alive?

Did cheetahs know not to eat zebras and orcas know not to eat seals?

And did God design all these animals with the ability to kill before the fall because he already knew the outcome of Adam and Eve’s little test?

If so, wouldn’t that mean that Adam and Eve really had no free will, because they were set up to sin before they were even created?