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Why Brainwash Kids?

By Sharon ~

I was really sensitive, and the child of a preacher. When I was very small (even age 3), they kept telling me "Jesus died for your sins" and telling me the gruesome crucifixion murder story over and over. I thought I'd killed God... The guilt overwhelmed me. I thought I was a terrible person who deserved to die a horrible death.

"Jesus died for your sins"??? Even though I heard it thousands of times since infancy, the idea that a loving God requires human sacrifice makes no sense to me now. In fact, it seems bizarre!

Now I'm trying to figure out why people would do this to kids. Many people have been brainwashed and try to brainwash kids because they honestly (mistakenly, but honestly) believe it's a loving thing to do.

What about the originators & top leaders of the religion? Did they intentionally create this story to manipulate people with guilt? If so, was it for money, power, or some other reason? Guilt-ridden people are very easy to manipulate & control. Does the crucifixion story have any basis in fact? Even the Santa Claus story was apparently inspired by some guy called St. Nick.. . .

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this. After all, Christianity and Christian guilt have huge influence in many parts of the world. Some Christians reject, bully or even murder gays & lesbians in the name of God, for example. I'm trying to wash my own brain from that early brainwashing!