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Right to teach belief system becomes right to discriminate

By Brent ~

Even though I still attend a sunday service, I have defected from the Christian faith. After doing thorough research on the internet I came to the conclusion that all or at least majority of the denominations in Christianity are just like the political parties the public watches on the news channels. Many have their own documentation following alongside what is taught in the Bible. Also, the bible itself does not promote public prayer according to Matthew 6:6 which would nullify televangelism and other denominational churches. Even the argument for public prayer in schools should be nonexistent because of this verse.

Next is what l call "union dues" that the church calls tithing. Which poses the question "Why would God require that which is Caesar's?" Wouldn't God want people to serve him and tithe through other various avenues of worship like volunteerism or teaching others valuable skills or teaching commonsense living.

I have tended to notice, that during services, if the pupil count was or is currently low, the church tends to blame everything and everyone else for that concept. I have heard that psychologists, sociologists, Mormons, and other "false cults" are to blame. It seems like the church is an alcoholic that is angry and blames other people for disliking the alcoholic self's fallacies and drunkenness.

With their overall belief system, I have been taught that God's grudge towards Adam and Eve's original sin is not only the sole reason that weather phenomena; tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like, occurs on the planet, but is also the reason that justifies the argument that every child that is born on this earth is "born unclean" or "born with sin." This makes God contradictory to the "always loving, always forgiving, etc." elements to Himself. Also, these individuals love to commit anchoring. confirmation, and hindsight biases, along with other cognitive biases, to commit logic, traditional appeal, and authority appeal fallacies, and agentical , which means, in a nutshell, that they teach what they call "the Absolute Truth" and adhere to it that strictly that they actually rule out legitimate arguments from other sources that may also be true.

I will finally get to the title of this article. I have heard that many of these "born-again" individuals that proclaim the "love of God" and are supposed to be always forgiving, always supporting of another, and other types of attributes. Except whenever I had dialogue with these individuals about political matters, they would demonstrate that they harbor biases toward the non-christian persons and would not vote for one. Similar reactions occurred when they discussed potentially taking college courses, christian only teachers. During services they demonstrate ethnocentric, tribalist, and narcissistic stereotypes that consistently demean, demote, or berate other groups inside the church services or outside in public. Even the very act of church attendance itself feeds into the collective group dynamic. Be careful, though, if attendance is more frequent, they will try to discourage individual liberties, after Sunday services, in the name of the group dynamic. I had an experience where I were to spend time with friends after service, well, after the informal luncheon that some members and I have. The event usually concludes at about 2:00 to about 3:00. I was scheduled with my friends at 1:30. Not only did the driver of the car said that I had to seek permission from everyone else, but he complained to me and asked that if I can move the event to 3:00. In the end, they did respect my wishes though and I was home at 1:10. Some churches will not negotiate with its adherents like that, and it's worth mentioning. If one wishes to venture into this lifestyle, research biases and fallacies, and make sure you are well versed with arguing skills and the material you are arguing with, because these individuals will attempt to wear you down.