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The Devil (internet) Made Me Do It!

By dmat ~

Atheism-tortise (Photo credit: AlphaBetaUnlimited)
The internet played a major role in my deconversion from belief in god. Of course some would say it was the devil using the internet to destroy my faith! I recently saw Josh McDowell say that the internet would be a strong weapon for atheism to spread. For once i agree with Josh!Only through the internet was I exposed to a different world view than my middle class white suburban evangelical upbringing. I was exposed to atheist authors, and two books particularly were helpful: Losing Faith in Faith by Dan Barker, and Leaving the Fold by Ed Babinski.

It has been about six years since i gave up faith, though i have never revealed it to anyone. I just couldn't do it to my family, as they would be crushed. I often think that there are thousands just like me who don't believe but prefer to kept it hidden so they don't lose the respect of family and friends. So now i feel like i am starting life over in some ways, like i have been "born again" yet again!