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Evidence for an Illogical God

By Evs ~

Finally, atheists, the evidence you've been so patiently waiting for, proof that God exists.

First, a conundrum. Belief in God is illogical, implausible, and insane. Such an idea should be cast out completely around the same age belief in Santa Claus goes. Yet many otherwise sensible people believe in God well into adulthood. How does one explain such a contradiction?

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I explain it with omnipotence. Omnipotence is very simply defined as unlimited power and more intricately defined, well, a number of ways. The problem with properly describing omnipotence can be easily elucidated using a common paradox: Can an omnipotent being create a boulder so heavy it cannot lift it? Similarly, can an omnipotent being create another being that defies its will? And if an omnipotent being gives up its omnipotence, was it really omnipotent in the first place? One more refined definition of omnipotence stands out from the others as being able to answer these questions. Essentially, omnipotence is absolute. Everything that can be strung together as words (and potentially more things than that) is within the power of an omnipotent being. The arbitrary bounds of logic cannot hold omnipotence. Unlimited power is truly unlimited.

Now we begin to see that an omnipotent God explains our earlier conundrum. If God didn't exist, no one would believe in Him. However, people, even seemingly rational people, do believe in God. This means that surely God exists and is using His omnipotence to make it illogical to believe in His existence and then using it again to make some people believe in Him anyway. Clearly, this is sound proof that all atheists should immediately cower in fear of His almighty power.

Only one question remains: which of the infinite omnipotent possibilities should we all be worshiping?