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So, Where is Jesus Buried?

By Carl S ~

Lucky you to see what humans have never seen in the entire history of humanity! The James Webb Space Telescope is gushing out a constant stream of pictures from the farthest reaches of Space-Time. Some day, it might find the beginning of this Universe as a "Go boom!" followed by multiple orgasms ever since. No good or evil relativity involved. Absurd? So what's the point of it all? I don't see the "point" of any or all of it, just like my life or that of any other organism.

While the Webb and Hubble are scanning, analyzing, and photographing, are they looking for signs of "Heaven?" "Since "Heaven" is by tradition, a physical place, with "many mansions," where the hell is it? Billions of people have been told "Heaven is for real," so why can't it be found?

Millions of people still believe Jesus and others floated up from Earth, unaided by balloons, rockets, etc., through the clouds, to this physical paradise. These happened thousands of years ago! Up to where "God" dwells. Has anyone seen Jesus, Mary, or Elias, anywhere "up," which really is, "out," there? Faith believers may wait for the "God experts" to "explain" where "Heaven" is. But - duh....

Billions of people have been told when this Earth is ending, their Jesus will return (it’s always in the near future), and then he'll take his thousands of floating chosen followers up to this "Heaven;" so it can't be far away, right? That'll be the "Rapture" they anxiously await; the "We're getting ours, and the rest of you can go to Hell." Can you think of anything more selfish, and more bloated with depraved indifference ever devised? Then, it is written, "the stars will fall from the sky." B.S.

Satellites are constantly scanning earth. So, where is the "Garden of Eden," large enough to contain all the life forms ever to have lived on Earth, including dinosaurs? You know, the one with a fiery exit and a ten thousand year old angel out front guarding it? The "Garden" should have been immediately spotted when the first rocket filmed this planet! Nope.

No human can survive in Space without protection from Space [...] They wouldn't survive even if they were filled with hot air, or the hot gas of verbal masturbation called "apologetics," of clerics. So, let's enjoy ourselves and laugh about all the fairy tales told about gods, the meaning of life, the reasons why a "God" created these billions of constellations made up of billions of stars, all those exploding stars, and evolved life forms that never existed when Earth began. Billions of gullible humans still believe an alleged god made this Universe for earthlings alone, and came to Earth to be tortured to death! They don't bother to ask why "he" created psychopaths and Hell. Nor ask why this same deity is so concerned about our sex lives and the sexual choices for our bodies! Why do they say you should worship their scriptural "God:" nasty, petty and depravely indifferent about us? Unworthy of a second of thought, when we see the reality of our situation in the Universe?

No human can survive in Space without protection from Space. No Heaven, Jesus, Mary, Elias or Mohammed can be found there; they wouldn't survive even if they were filled with hot air, or the hot gas of verbal masturbation called "apologetics," of clerics. If a Jesus existed, then where's his body buried? Instead of the search for Noah's ark, why not the search for his body?! A never-ending series on Discovery Channel? (I never wait for answers.)

I'm reading about the goddess ISIS. What a wonderful deity. Imagine all the houses of worship built for her. (It is claimed, from Afghanistan to England.) Picture the prayers of supplication she answered, miracles done in her name, and praise for centuries! Now imagine a planet where she is worshiped, and how she would influence the policies upon that planet: respect for women and one's finite life alone, for a start. An advanced world, one not dominated by belief in a male god of a week long span of creation, but a goddess representing continual creativity. She is perfectly compatible with the realities of space-time and evolution. A lot of NASA's missions are named after pagan gods and goddesses. What if we change the name of the International Space Station, ISS, to ISIS, to make people wonder, "Who's this Isis?" When you know her name, look up her number, so to speak.

Billions of humans seriously believe "explanations," a.k.a., "crap." If billions of people believe a foolish thing, it's still a foolish thing. Billions of people accept living on a religiously-shrunken world: believe many, many, foolish things. And because they do, "living by faith" is a spurious and unstable argument for how to live our lives. The data continually pours in. We'd better get real and prioritize care of each other, refuse to listen to those who urge otherwise, since we're alone on Spaceship Earth.