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Incident With Christian Sister Still Lingers

By MTC ~

In late 2020 I started talking to my sister again after being on non-speaking terms for several months. She had struggled with alcohol and substance addiction (I was on non-speaking terms with her for other reasons though), but then she "found Jesus" at a local church (which I used to attend, ironically).

In January of 2021 after I moved back to my home state and started talking to her again, I chatted with her about my past traumas, humiliations, etc. I was upfront and blunt about "God," and she snapped at me. "HEY! This is a Christian home; we don't cross that line! God is kinder to you than you realize. You're breathing air and have food to eat and a roof over your head!"

First of all, what a kick in the face to the countless people who are starving, homeless, died at younger ages than I am now, etc. Second of all, her little lecture was exactly like defending an abusive parent, because even though an abusive parent may do things to their kid/s like assault, molest, insult, etc., but at least they allow them to sleep under the same roof and eat from the same kitchen. 🙄 My sister just doesn't get it, not that any Christian does.

She apologized (although probably fake) for yelling at me, but I still needed some time away from her for the rest of the evening. I've spent some time with her since then and it's been better, but that incident of her snapping at me the way she did still lingers in my mind. Granted, I suppose I should've chosen my wording better (LOL), but on the other hand after all these years she should know better than to yell and/or snap at me like that.

My sister was living with our mom and stepdad at the time. Remembering her quote "This is a Christian home, we don't cross that line!," part of me wants to ask her "But were you the head of your Christian home?"

Now I'm once again on the verge of having no communication with her, in any form. Which would be a bigger challenge now that I'm back in my home state.

PS - Does this story remind anyone else of "God" commanding us to love him more than our family, and of Jesus stating he came to turn family members against each other?