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The Car Analogy

By Michael Runyan ~

If you know nothing about how a car works, you would think it’s pretty magical how you can just press the accelerator pedal and it goes. All you see is the shiny exterior and the passenger cabin, but nothing else. This is the situation with most Christians- they only see the shiny exterior of the faith.

Here’s how to be that kind of Christian:

  • Do not study anything about church history
  • Read only selecot portions of the Bible, principally the more popular verses of the New Testament
  • Get most of your Christian education from your priest or pastor
  • Do not think too deeply or critically about your faith

To continue with the analogy, if you look under the hood of the car, examine the parts, and study the science behind how it works, it no longer seems magical. This is precisely what happens when an objective person “looks under the hood” of Christianity. It is so easy to see how it came about, plagiarized other traditions, evolved, devolved, changed, and became distorted over two millennia without any need to postulate the existence of a single miracle, or the presence of a god, a devil, angels, or demons.

Christianity exists today only because most of its followers are intellectually lazy and all too willing to accept a reassuring fable over a harsh but authentic reality.