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My Thoughts @ 80

By Carl S ~

Definitions of a Christian martyr:
  1. someone who would rather die than think. 
  2. one who fears doubt more than death itself.

For 1500 years, Christianity ruled the Western world. And what a horrible mess it made of that world, totally controlling education. During those centuries, anyone questioning its domination would be punished into being silent, to the extent of being executed. The omnipresence of superstition was totally inhumane and unfair. We should demand equal time for non-Christians to be heard, even revered. This is only fair. Instead, what we get is that same religion militating for re-domination, while we're pushing back to keep our civil rights.

If every newborn is a “miracle,” shouldn't nativity songs be sung at each birth?

Since clergy assert they “speak for God,” every time someone says, “Thank God,” or “praise God,” shouldn’t they reply, “You're welcome.” And if a clergyman were honest, he would say, “In my opinion...” Every pastor makes one deal with his congregants: in exchange for his personal “revelations,” they'll give him money.

The latest definition of “freedom of religion”: Using the excuse of acting according to personal beliefs, you have the inalienable right to deny services (even those you swear by oaths you will provide), and human rights, to those who do not feel the feelings you do. Also, this emotional “freedom” must be legally enforced.

Why must “God” remain invisible and nebulous? One book, “the Runaway Species,” is about creativity. The authors make a single argument: creativity is never the creation of something from nothing. Creativity involves refashioning things, mostly by bending, breaking, and blending. “God,” therefore, remains an adaptive re-imagining of gods and humans.

There is nothing in bibles that supports a right to life, or liberty, or freedom of speech. A secular democracy punishes the actions, supported by evidence, of a perpetrator. A theocracy punishes those who disagree with a god's authorities.

Fake news constantly repeated by the fundamentalists: 1. “In God we trust” was America's original motto. No, it was originally “E Pluribus Unum.” In God We Trust appeared on our currency in the 1950's as a reaction to the perceived godless Soviet Union’s “threat” to democracy. I know because I was there when it happened. 2. Life begins at conception. But if that were so, then the parental egg and sperm would have to be dead before conception took place. Duh. 3. Telling the Jews and Moslems, “We all worship the same God.” What sane person believes that?

As someone who does much thinking about the serious things that matter for all of humankind, why would I want to go into any building dedicated to evidence denial and non-thinking? I'm free to not believe, and I'll be damned (as they keep telling me I will be), if I want any part of that b.s.

I have personally experienced the cold indifference of Christians to my impassioned rants against injustice and prejudices. They stand or sit uncaringly. I got the message. The emotions of the non-believer don't matter, only theirs. It doesn't surprise me to learn witch burnings were attended by throngs of the faithful. Such gatherings were a natural extension of the habitual absorption of their minds, their individualities, in the power of massed hypnotic worship services.

Fundamentalists/Evangelicals and others who use the bible as the word of God proclaim “abortion is murder.” Yet, their bible is silent on the subject of abortion, in spite of the fact they insist their god drowned pregnant women and babies in the great flood. What you'll find everywhere in that book is the Divine Doctrine of Homunculus. This doctrine asserts that men carry sperm, and each sperm is a “little human” containing the entire genome of a child. The woman's body is merely the ground into which his seed is planted. (Note: this divine doctrine explains why Israelites could take Canaan women as bounty and rape them: the progeny of Israelite men would be free of the contagion of their God's enemies.)

So - according to the bible - masturbation is murder. This means that every day, billions of homunculi are aborted by men. In accordance with theirng to their bible, men who do should be tried and sentenced for murder.

What about all those years I spent doing what Jesus said to do, storing up my treasures in heaven? Since I became an atheist, won't I get to keep them? That's not fair; I earned them. Will con men like Ernest Angley be rewarded with them? They already have more than they'll ever need on earth. “God's chosen prophets” aren't waiting for a heavenly reward; they know better. Their actions speak louder than volumes of their words.

Christian Faith: “If you don't agree with me, you deserve to be tortured.”

When real trouble comes around
God is nowhere to be found.

According to the bible - masturbation is murderMonotheism. Why, with so many choices, did humans choose to create a god they would have to constantly make excuses for?

To those who tell us ours is a “Christian” nation, read the Declaration of Independence. It is a rant against tyranny and the divine right of kings. On the other hand, the Christian clergy routinely support tyrants, kings, tsars, dictators, etc.

Why must the 23rd psalm be recited at gravesites in real life, on tv, in movies and plays? That psalm has nothing to do with an afterlife, and is all about a life in the here and now.

That's the truth. I swear, so help me, Goddess Aphrodite.

And every day, I find more reasons to be happy I'm not a Christian. If you've thought about this, I, and I'm sure many others of us, would like to know the reasons why you too are glad.